Need help figuring out exactly what changes to make to get the organized life you’ve always wanted?

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Do you need some serious inspiration, accountability and motivation to finally get organized?


Do you want to reclaim the countless hours and dollars lost to being disorganized?


Do you want to work with a professional organizer in an affordable way, and at times convenient for you?  


Join the Organizing Oasis today!

It’s the premiere destination for those looking for an escape from the chaos clutter brings!

Inside the Oasis, you’ll find:

Christina Hidek, Organizing Guru + De-Cluttering Coach in the Organizing Oasis, a membership site for all looking to get more organized, save time and money and get relief from the chaos clutter causes

Christina Hidek, Organizing Guru + De-Cluttering Coach

  • Classes and ebooks expertly designed to cut right to the chase and solve your organizing issues.  
  • Dozens of ready-to-go organizing solutions  from the Printables Library (To Do lists, Organizing Kits, Workbooks and so much more).  
  • Opportunities to organize and optimize your life like you’ve always dreamt!
  • Challenges to keep you motivated to take action!
  • Quarterly challenges!
  • Answers to your specific questions about organizing, productivity, time management and more!
  • And me, ready to provide accountability, support and guidance! 
Organized Craft Room- Before

Hot Mess of a Craft Room Before

how to organize a craft room

Dreamy Craft Room After

What’s more...

I’ll be popping into the forums pretty much every day (I'm a chatty one, so probably several times a day!) to offer guidance and answer your questions.

The price of membership is a cost effective way to get guidance and tools from a professional organizer at a fraction of the cost of working with an organizer in person.  Right now, clients pay $65 an hour to work with me in person.  Quite often, organizing projects take several hours to complete, so you can see the immediate cost savings you'll find with an Organizing Oasis membership!

I cannot wait for you to join us and start sharing strategies, resources, and ideas TODAY!

The Before Picture of a Guest Room

Guest Room Before (Close the door!)

Organized Guest Room

Guest-Ready After


I've helped dozens of people cut the clutter and chaos and improve their lives with simple organizing systems and tweaks.

Here's a small sampling of what my clients have to say about working with me:

  • "Christina Hidek of Streamlined Living is an organizational guru. She was great to work with, helping me stay focused on the organizing and purging process." - Molly
  • "Christina Hidek is an amazing Professional Organizer.  She has a talent for looking at a space and honing in on how to make it a functional space for you." - Lesa
  • "Working with Christina on organizing my backlog of paperwork was terrific.  She was practical, supportive, and insightful, asking just the right questions to help me create and maintain a system that has continued to work."-Lisa

Want to see your name here, as a satisfied de-cluttered and de-stressed client?  

Make it a reality by joining the Organizing Oasis today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Organizing Oasis for people with beginner, intermediate or advanced organizing skills? How do I know if this community it right for me?  

This community is perfect for anyone who wants to get more organized, increase their productivity or get better time management skills.  I have rich experience in helping all levels of disorganized folks- from hoarders to people who are dealing with overcomplicated organizing systems (yup, it is possible to be "too organized").  

My approach when working with everyone is the same- limit the overwhelm and break down the job at hand into actionable steps to be taken.  In the community forums, you'll be able to ask your most pressing questions and I will help you figure out exactly what to do next!   

So it doesn’t matter if you have really good organizational skills and habits or not.  If your goal is to get more organized, then the Organizing Oasis is right for you!   


How can taking the time to participate in the community forums actually help me get more organized?

Without taking action, nothing will ever change.  By investing in yourself, and participating in the community, your organizational skills will be strengthened and improved!  The resources in the Organizing Oasis are so rich and have been designed to be just the solution you need.  As I like to say, "A year from now, you'll wish you would've started today."

So make today the day you finally start!  I'm ready to partner with you to reach your organizing goals!


Is the Organizing Oasis really a good place to invest my money?

Absolutely!  You will learn so much as a member of the community.  I've curated the resources and the content so you will find actionable strategies that have worked with my clients.  

No more spending hours looking for a solution that may or may not work for you.  I've streamlined the hunting and gathering process and have the best organizing strategies right here in the Organizing Oasis!  

No more trying to figure out exactly what steps to take.  We'll develop and work through an organizing plan together!

The cost to work with a professional organizer is far more than the cost of the monthly membership- plus you'd never have access to the Class + Training Library or the Printables Library for the consulting cost.  Those would be an additional cost.  The Organizing Oasis is the best solution for those ready to make a change in their life!