Everything is better with friends, even learning how to get organized! Instead of hosting another party where your friends have to buy stuff, why not learn how to get organized as a group? It's fun and there's guaranteed laughs!

I’ve got some super exciting news for you if you’re in the greater Cleveland area!  Starting in January 2017 (so like, in 2 or so days!), I’ll be offering organizing parties for you and a group if your friends!

organizing parties are a night out with friends and fun!

What the heck is an organizing party?

Organizing parties are a fun opportunity to get together with your friends and learn a little about how to make your life easier!  You’re guaranteed to leave motivated, inspired and ready to make changes! At $15 per person, it is just the fraction of the cost of working with a professional organizer!  Perfect for those with champagne taste and caviar dreams (yes, I am such a child of the 80s with this reference)!

The specifics depend on the theme you choose!  Right now I have five different types of organizing parties to choose from:

Command Center  Party: We’ll actually set up your very own Command Center and reduce your paper clutter!

Make Money from Your Clutter: Interested in making money from your clutter, but don’t know where to start?  You’ll leave ready to make some moolah after this night of partying!

Organized Purse and Life: You’ll leave this party with a de-cluttered and organized purse with tips you can use to get your entire life organized!

Go Green: Learn how the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) can help you get organized!  And on the flip side, how getting organized can help you lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle!

Busy Lady, Organized Life: Perfect for all women who would like to get more done in less time with less stress.  I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t be interested in that!

But with all of the organizing parties, there are a few constants.  One is that I’ll be there sharing my expertise in a relaxed and approachable way- if we’ve met in real life, you know this will be the case for sure!  If we’ve not had the pleasure of meeting, check out pretty much any of my videos to get the full Christina experience.

The other constant is that there will be fun, games and laughter!  And there’ll be in-person demonstrations of how to organize!

And what’s more, you’ll get the opportunity to get the answers to your burning organizing issues:

What’s the best way to organize a closet?  

How do I get my family on board to help keep my home clutter free?  

Exactly how long should I be hanging on to paperwork?  

I can answer all of these questions, and whatever else you have for me during the party!

You’re game for all of this goodness, right?  So what’s the next steps?

First, you pick a theme, a date and get on my schedule.

Next, you make a list of friends to invite and check it twice, Santa style.  Your friend who seems to have it all together?  The one who is just like Martha Stewart?  Yep, invite her.  She’ll definitely enjoy the night and will probably learn a thing or two to step up her game!

How about your one friend who is always running late and is pretty disorganized?  Absolutely invite her! She’ll for sure learn easy tips and tricks to instantly incorporate into her life!

After you have the list of friends, send the invitations- skip the paper invites and make it easy on yourself by using Evite, Punchbowl or Paperless Post!

Last, wait for the big day and get ready to have lots of fun and learn a lot!

Ready? Contact me today to get on my schedule.

Not in the Cleveland area?  Sign up for my Get Organized Action Guide below!



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