Organizing Parties

organizing parties are a night out with friends and fun!

Everything’s better with friends, right?  That’s exactly why I offer organizing parties!  It’s a chance to get together with your friends for a night of fun that leaves you feeling motivated, inspired and ready to put all that you learn into action right away!

Here’s how the parties work: each party is $15 per person, held in your home (Greater Cleveland, Ohio area only) and are a bunch of fun.  As the host, you can pay for the party or ask your friends to chip in, whatever works best for you!  Either way, I guarantee that everyone will leave with tons of organizing ideas, inspiration and be so happy they came.

After you pick your theme from the choices below, call or email me to get your party on my schedule!


command center party to clear paper clutter

Command Center Paper Clutter Clearing Party

Tired of looking at stack of paper, but not sure how to get started?  This party is for you!  You and your guests will bring their paper piles and we’ll go through them together.  We’ll set up a Command Center that you can take home.  You’ll also learn about junk mail, sorting, filing and an easy way to contain your papers!

During this fabulous paper clutter clearing party, there will be:

•Fun games

•Helpful Handouts (learn how long you really need to be keeping papers for )

•A take home Command Center

•A Q & A session where you’ll be able to ask me any organizing questions you have!


make money from your clutter without having a garage sale

Make Money from Your Clutter Party

Learn how to make some serious cash from your clutter.  You’ll learn the exact strategies I’ve used with clients to clear out their homes of items they no longer wanted, and earned them hundreds (and in one case, thousands!) of dollars without having a garage sale!  It’s possible with the techniques and strategies presented during the party!

This party features:

•Super helpful handouts

•Fun games

•Strategies for getting the most money possible without a ton of effort

•Q & A session where I’ll answer your questions.  Time to start thinking of what you’ve alway wanted to ask a professional organizer!



 how to organize your purseOrganized Purse + Life Party

Disorganization costs you at least two weeks a year so how great would your life be if your purse was organized!  This party will teach you the main principles of organizing how to sort, purge, assign a place, containerize and maintain.  Not only will you leave with an organized purse and knowledge on how to keep it organized, you’ll also know how to organize your entire life!

Highlights of this party include:

•Helpful handouts

•Fun games

•A fun night with your friends that’s incredible helpful

•Q & A sessions where you’ll be able to ask me questions and get real solutions


Go green and simplify your life to get organized

Go Green Organizing Party

Being eco-friendly is more than trendy!  It’s a great way to get organized!  This Go Green party will show you how to incorporate the three R’s — reduce, reuse, and recycle — into your daily life.  Starting with shopping habits, then moving on to eliminating junk mail, you’ll get instantly usable reality-based tips!

The Go Green Organizing Party features:

•Recipes for non-toxic products you can make yourself

•How to eliminate unhealthy and toxic, all while simplifying your life

•Electronic handouts, plus tips galore

•Plus a Q & A session!


how to organize your life

Busy Lady, Organized Life Party

Too busy to get organized?  Think again!  Disorganization costs you on average 60 minutes a day!  The reality based and easy to implement strategies that are printed during this party are enough to make any woman feel like Wonder Woman!  Get all of the tools you need to have an organized life!   During this party,  you’ll learn space and time-saving tips, plus get the skinny on the most helpful organizing products.  A few hours with me will leave you managing your time life a pro!

This party involves:

•Learn time management & scheduling – must have for all women

•Fun quizzes

• Helpful handouts

•Learn how to carve out some “me time”

•Plus a Q & A session!


Now that you’ve seen the possibilities, contact me today at 216-586-4738 to get your party scheduled!

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