Reality Check: 6 Quick & Easy Ways to Organize Your Whole House

There's really just one question you need to ask yourself in order to get your entire house organized! Find out what it is in this post.

Today I’m sharing 6 quick and easy ways to organize your whole house because the ultimate goal in getting organized is having a picture perfect home that looks like it could be a page ripped from Better Homes & Garden’s, right?  Wrong.  The reality is that your home will never look picture perfect for more than five minutes, maybe two minutes if you have kids or pets.  And that is OK: Perfection is not the goal, but function is.

To get truly organized, you really need to be rooted in reality.  Here are some easy ways that you can organize your home, but first, you need an organizing reality check!  Ask yourself the following:

What do I really want from life?

After you’ve answered this big picture question, continue on in the process and take a hard look at the various spaces in your home.

In your closet:

Be realistic about what fits and flatters you now.  Not what will fit you when you lose 5 pounds.  Do you have outdated clothes in your closet?  They are not coming back into style soon enough for you to continue to hang on to these items.  Let them go!

In your child’s room:

Have clothes or toys or books your child has outgrown?  Your child isn’t going to ever fit into that cute shirt ever again.  Consider another use for it.  Or maybe a friend or family member can use the item and give it a second life.

In the kitchen:

When is the last time you used that fancy gizmo that takes up drawer or counter space that claimed to be a time saver in the kitchen?  More than a few months ago?  Let that item go.

In the bathroom:

What beauty items are you actually using?  Toss any item you haven’t used in the last three months.

In the craft room/garage:

What projects are you still interested in working on?  Get rid of anything that exceeds your interest or skill level.

For all rooms:

Why are the things in that space still there?

How do the items fit in with what you really want from life?

Do the items bring you closer to your ideal life or are they keeping that ideal out of reach?  If the answer is closer to your ideal, then any questions about what to do with the item have been answered.  Find a home for the item within your space.  If not, then it is time to let the item go.


Over to you…

What kind of clutter have you been holding on to for “someday?”  Let me know in the comments below.  And then, subscribe to my newsletter so you won’t miss any of the organizing goodness I share!

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