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Today I’m sharing 6 quick and easy ways to organize your whole house because the ultimate goal in getting organized is having a picture perfect home that looks like it could be a page ripped from Better Homes & Garden’s, right?  Wrong.

The reality is that your home will never look picture perfect for more than five minutes, maybe two minutes if you have kids or pets.  And that is OK: Perfection is not the goal, but function is.

To get truly organized, you really need to be rooted in reality and ask yourself some questions about what’s actually going on in your life and how your home can support that.

Because at the end of the day, a space isn’t really disorganized because of the stuff.

It’s disorganized because of a misaligned mindset.

So here are some questions to ask in order to being the process of organizing your whole house.

What do I really want from life?

After you’ve answered this big picture question, continue on in the process and take a hard look at various spaces to organize your whole house.

And by hard look, I mean you have to be completely honest.  

Perhaps even brutally honest.

Organizing Closets

Be realistic about what fits and flatters you now.  Not what will fit you when you lose 5 or 10 pounds.

Do you have outdated clothes in your closet?  Like stuff you’ve had since high school?

Listen, they are not coming back into style soon enough for you to continue to hang on to these items.

Aaaaaaand they probably look like they’re your high school clothes, but no one is ever going to tell you that….

So just let them go!

Want more tips on organizing your clothing closet, from top to bottom?

Organizing Children’s Bedrooms

Have clothes or toys or books your child has outgrown?  
Your child isn’t going to ever fit into that cute shirt ever again.  
Donate it, save for hand me downs or if it’s really special, you can keep in it in a memory box.  
But not every thing your child touched can fit into the memory box, so you’ll have to be selective.

Need a way to not get overrun with hand-me-downs? I have just the solution for that with this printable kit!

Don’t know how to organize kid memory stuff either?

Get it all in one place, nice and tidy with this printable organizing kit.

You’ll have all of those precious memories in one safe place in minutes!

Organizing Kitchen Spaces

When’s the last time you used that fancy gizmo you thought would be a time saver in the kitchen (but actually isn’t worth the space it takes up)?  

More than a few months ago?  Let that item go.

Similarly, when’s the last time you went through your spices?

If they no longer have a strong aroma, it’s time to let them go as well. If they don’t smell like anything then they won’t be adding any flare to your dish.

Label what you’re keeping to make them easy to spy when you need them!

Read this article for more on getting a kitchen organized.

Organizing Bathroom Spaces

What beauty items are you actually using?  

Toss any item you haven’t used in the last three months.

What would you never use?  Pitch it!

Collect the remaining items together and sort in baskets or bins.

Then add labels to make it easy to see what’s what!

In the craft room/garage:

What projects are you still interested in working on that are taking up space in either your craft room or garage space?

Chances are there’s a good amount of stuff that you’re not using and if you’re really honest with yourself, are no longer interested in ever using.  

Now’s the time to get rid of anything that exceeds your interest or skill level.  

Excess craft stuff can be donated to a school, Girl Scout Troop or other charitable organization.

Extra garage and home improvement items can be donated to a local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

They’ll love to have your cast-offs!  

If there’s a great deal of stuff and you’re interested in recouping some of the money invested in the items, consider holding a garage sale.

But be careful to not use the promise of a garage sale as an excuse to hold onto clutter.

Consider this for organizing any and all space in your home

Why are the things in that space still there?

Remember the big picture: 
How do the items fit in with what you really want from life?  
Are they going to help your home stay organized?

Do the items bring you closer to your ideal life or are they keeping that ideal out of reach?

If the answer is closer to your ideal, then any questions about what to do with the item have been answered.  

Find a home for the item within your space.  

And it’s also clear what to do with the items if it’s pushing you off of the path… it’s time to let the item go.

Over to you…

Using these organizing strategies to organize different space in your home can help you clear through the clutter and bring order to your home.

The basic gist to all of the questions is to ask whether the item is serving you now. Not what you thought would months or years ago.

But being really honest with yourself about where you are currently in life and where you want to be.

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