Ribbon can be the perfect embellishment or it can be a tangled nightmare! 

That all depends on how you store and organize it, am I right? 

I love ribbon, but having too much of it can be a rather big chore to deal with.  

Today I’m going to share a few different ways of organizing ribbon.

Ribbon Organizing with a Shoe Box

I primarily store my ribbon in two ways. 

How much of any type or color or ribbon kind of dictates how I deal with it. 

If it’s on a roll and something I would use on a card or on a scrapbook page, it goes into the ribbon organizer I made from a shoe box. 

Yep – a boring shoe box that I had lying around.

First, I made sure the box was deep enough to fit a spool of ribbon standing on its end. 

Then I covered the top and the bottom of the boxes with card stock. 

I could’ve also covered the box with fabric like I did for the video game box I made several years later, but I wasn’t smart way back when I did this project!  

Next, I punched some holes on one side of the box, and made sure the holes were below added lettering and ribbon along with some cherries to the top.  

Scroll down and watch the video so you can have a visual of what I’m describing here.

The other way I organize smaller lengths of ribbon is in an embroidery floss box. 

I wind the ribbon around the bobbins and make it pretty by putting them in rainbow order.

I chose the systems I use because they are easy and pretty low maintenance. 

I’ve had the shoe box organizer for about 8 or 9 years and it’s still holding up really well.  

It would be super durable if I had chosen to Modge Podge the sucker, but I have it in my craft closet and not displayed on a shelf, so it doesn’t get much dust accumulation.

Need a visual for this?  You can check out my system in this video.

How to Organize Ribbon

Not into a DIY solution?

This wall mounted ribbon organizer looks awesome!  

There are cup accessories that can be added to the bars for a multifunctional storage unit.  

When my DIY box gives out, this is the option I’ll be going with:

awesome ribbon organizer that mounts to the wall

Here’s another wall mounter ribbon organizer that holds fewer spools.

This ribbon bin is pretty close to my shoebox option!

Not into plastic?

This fabric ribbon organizer has a nice feature with the elastic running around the outside to keep the ribbon from unspooling!

Over to you!

The bottom line is just pick a system for organizing ribbon and take your ribbon from tangled mess to ready to use!

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