Overwhelmed and don't know where to begin? Get the skinny on 4 easy steps to going from overwhelmed to in control!

I don’t know about you, but I am completely and utterly overwhelmed.  Like so overwhelmed I just can even with myself.  And the fact that it’s already December (dude, where did November go?) isn’t helping matters at all.

Neither is the fact that my husband recently broke his ankle, had surgery and cannot drive for at least 8 weeks.  That means I’m the full time kid taxi for the foreseeable future.  And that’s just adding to my overwhelm.

Now I hope you are not in the same pickle as I am with the  out-of-commission husband and all, but if you’re reading this I bet you are looking for some solutions to go from overwhelmed to in control. And I also bet you’re ready to get your bootie into a productive high gear, am I right?  Great!  Let’s dig into the solutions together.


#1 Stop thinking about how overwhelmed you are.

First, you gotta get out of the mindset of being overwhelmed.  It’s a bad place to be in and it’s hard to dig yourself out of that place.

Instead of thinking of how overwhelmed you are, switch that storyline that’s running in your head from “I don’t know how I’m gonna get all of this done” to “I need to make a plan.”

Cause when you have a plan, you have control and that helps to bounce those feelings of overwhelm and anxiety right outta you.  And boy do I have a plan for you!  It’s simple and I’m going to take my own advice and do it too right now.


#2 Grab a sheet of paper + make a list.

Stop right there!  If you were about to write down every little thing that you have to do, then you are not going to help yourself dig outta the hole.  No way, missy!

So do your overwhelmed self a favor and just write down five things that you have to do today and that you can do today.  And the five things should be actionable steps that you can take and aren’t reliant upon anyone else to help you with.

The list should look like this:

  1.  Call doctor’s office to schedule post-op surgery visit
  2. Fill out field trip permission slip and give it to kid to return to school
  3. Water plants
  4. Get juice from store
  5. Walk dog

Solving the lack of world peace or re-organizing your entire house should not be on this list.  Nope.

You’re trying to get yourself out of a place of feeling completely stuck and into a mental state where you can make decisions and be productive. And putting unachievable goals on a to do list will only serve to sabotage yourself.  So don’t do it!

Want a pretty list to further help with your motivation?  Snag my free To Do list printable by clicking on the picture.  It has a rainbow theme and rainbows are awesome smile makers.

Overwhelmed or need some motivation to get things done? Snag this awesome rainbow themed printable to do list!


#3 Grab your calendar + fill it out.

Now that you know what you have to do, look at your schedule and figure out exactly when you are going to do it.

When you are feeling overwhelmed, part of that is feeling like there is too much to be done but no time to do it.

So nip that feeling in the bud with your calendar.  Figure out exactly when you are going to walk to dog and go to the store, etc.  Write it all down!  The To Do List printable actually has a place for you to write down when you’ll be doing the particular task.  How easy peasy is that?

Remember, your to do list should always be aligned with your schedule for the day.  Otherwise, you’re just setting yourself up for failure.  And boo to that because you’re fabulous and I’m not going to let you have any of that!


#4 Live Nike’s slogan.

The very last step is to just do it!  No excuses.  You know what you have to do.  You now know when you’re going to do it.  So just get on with your bad self and just do it!


Phew, I gotta say, this post was very therapeutic for me.  I feel better already.  And I’m off to print that fabulous To Do List printable for myself.  Too often I just grab a scrap piece of paper and jot my to do list on that.  But today I need the extra pretty in my life to give me some motivation!  I truly hope that you are in a better mental place now too!




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