Use This Phone Pocket To Get Organized

I spend a good amount of time on this blog and my social media outlets giving props to other people’s work and ideas, but my own – not so much.  Because I am running a business, the time has come for a change – for just today!  You see, I’ve made many additions to my Etsy shop and I thought I’d give a quick run-down of one of the more recent products that is oh-so-useful in getting organized: the Phone Pocket!

With little fanfare, because I am not the best at promoting myself (friends have noticed that I like attention, but I’m not exactly going to grab the spotlight and point it at myself), I introduced my very first physical organizing product: the “I’m so freakin’ organized” Phone Pocket.  What the heck is a Phone Pocket, you’re asking?  Look here:




The idea behind this pocket it that it adheres to your phone giving you physical storage for things like business cards, credit cards, cash and even lists!




It has an aggressive 3M adhesive, so you know it won’t come off easily.  I’ve had my Phone Pocket on my iPhone for about a month now.  I tested it’s stick yesterday and found it was as tight and strong as the day I first put it on.




The Phone Pocket comes with a very appropriate, and a bit of a cheeky statement printed on it.  Fun and practical – just like me!

I’ve also just listed, in the Etsy shop, a four page printable companion for the Phone Pocket that includes a Shopping List, To Do List, Notes sheet and an Untitled sheet that gives you a place to track this info and have it fit right in the Phone Pocket.  Five lists print to a page and when trimmed down, each will slide right on into the Phone Pocket.  So easy!

In addition to business cards, cash and lists, I’ve also had success sticking coupons I want to use in it.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clipped and sorted and brought coupons with me to the store, only to get distracted at checkout and forget to give them to the cashier, especially at Target.  Many times I discover later that they’re in my pocket.  Ugh!  Now, I can tuck them in the Phone Pocket and I won’t forget to hand them over and save a little.