Clear the Stacks! The Ultimate Guide to Controlling Paper Clutter in Your Business


Is your office a hot mess because of all of the paper?

Tired of not being able to find things when you need them?

Overwhelmed by the thought of setting up a system to contain it all?

Afraid that you’re not storing documents correctly?

Good news! I’ve collected all of the best strategies to help you finally control paper clutter in your business and trim down the 55 minutes lost each day to disorganization.

I’ve taken all of the guess work out of figuring out what systems you need to finally control your papers!

Using my systems, you’ll have all of your documents in one place, and be able to find what you need with absolute ease.  Promise.

After you go through this self-paced course, you’ll no longer have:

  • Stacks of paper cluttering up your office and business.
  • Not knowing where your most important documents are.
  • Wasting time searching for lost papers.

Once you learn and implement the strategies laid out in this course, you’ll have everything you need for success!

In essence, this course has everything you and your business needs to finally get paper clutter under control and establish a secure home for your most important documents.

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This course covers:

+ How to get off of junk mail lists

+ How to manage accumulated business related paper clutter

+ How to make decisions about what documents to keep

+ How to identify important papers at a glance

+ How to categorize papers

+ How to distinguish between vital and unimportant documents

+ How long you really need to keep documents

+ The right way to file (you’ve totally been doing it wrong and I show you the easiest and best methods!)

+ How to quickly create effective filing systems so that you and your employees can find things with absolute ease

+ How to store and safeguard your most important documents

+ How to properly maintain your filing systems once they are set up.  My system minimizes maintenance time and headaches!

+ How to overhaul an existing filing system into a system that will work for you and your business on a long-term basis.  Go from hot mess to controlled and de-cluttered.

In sum, it’s everything you need to finally say goodbye to the Leaning Tower of Pisa-style stacks of paper causing so much chaos in your business.

Ready to say goodbye for once and all and clear those stacks?