Perfectly Prepared Emergency Planner and Organizer


This is the project you need to complete before an emergency or disaster strikes be perfectly prepared for untying that comes your way!   I hate to put these negative thoughts out into the universe, but there will come a time that you’ll wish you would’ve been better prepared.  Not in terms of stocking up on food, water or other essentials to live.

Rather, you need to be making sure all of your legal and financial information- you know, the stuff you’ll need to pull the pieces of your life back together- is all in one place, easy to access and in a portable form in case you need to grab it and go.

If you have it all together, great!  Do you know the same information for your parents or other older adults you may have to step in and take care of?  Probably not!

If you and your family members are not prepared in this area yet, then this 19 page ready to print workbook is for you.

No more worrying if you have the right information.  I’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to!  Just follow the organized roadmap outlined step by step in this workbook, get it together and be prepared.

This workbook organizes all of the information needed in the time of a crisis for all you and your spouse / partner, children and any other household members!

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What’s included in this Perfectly Prepared Emergency Planner & Organizer:

19 Organized pages to track:

  • Medical information
  • Employment information and contacts
  • Education information and contacts
  • Professional advisors
  • Financial accounts
  • Critical documents you must have
  • Storage instructions for this workbook

With this ultimate emergency preparedness workbook, when the unexpected happens, you will have the essential information at your fingertips!