Perfect PTA / PTO Planner & Organizing Kit


Ready to be the best PTA / PTO Leader?  It can happen and doesn’t have to be overwhelming!

Being a past two-term PTA President and fundraising chair (and so much more) of a 400 student school, I completely get how difficult it can be to keep it all together & organized! The role seemed so overwhelming and I was nervous about not having a solid plan in place.

I really wanted to be prepared and perfectly planned and have everything run smoothly when I was heading up my PTA.

This is the one planner you’ll go back to time and time again for all of the wonderful forms that make sure you’re not missing anything.

It also has the fantastic side benefit of helping to keep your other officers, committee chairs and volunteers on the organized track too.  No more worries about having to micro-manage to make sure things are getting done.  That’s a thing of the past with the fantastic forms and checklists in this planning and organizing kit!






Here’s what you get with the 60 page fillable and ready to print PTA / PTO Planner & Organizing Kit that’s customized for the 2017-2018 school year:

  • 2017-2018 Binder Cover (as shown or Customized and Personalized with your Organizations’s name; See ordering instructions below for custom orders)
  • 5 section divider pages
  • Monthly Planning Calendar for March 2017- August 2018 with inspirational quotes for each month
  • Idea tracking sheets for assemblies, fundraisers, family events + more!
  • Volunteer Sign Up Form
  • Officer & Committee Chair Contact List
  • Contact List
  • Meeting Childcare Sign In
  • Board Member + Officer Summary
  • Committee Summary
  • Event Planner + Summary
  • Fundraiser Planner + Summary
  • Event Toolkit Checklist
  • Member Tracker
  • Membership Signup
  • Deposit  + Payment Request Forms
  • Notes pages to capture every thought!
  • And more!

That’s right!  Based on popular demand, I’ve made this year’s planner fillable!

This awesome planner is INSTANTLY downloadable are are in a 8 ½ x 11 PDF format.


I know firsthand how busy life is, and being a PTA / PTO leader is certainly not a small role. Keeping this PTA / PTO stuff organized will help you stay focused.  You’ll be able to have much more fun and rest much easier knowing you have everything needed right at your fingertips!