Is hiring a Professional Organizer right for you?

Do you:

  1. Feel stressed out, run down and maybe even stuck?
  2. Get overwhelmed when you try to organize or clean up your space?
  3. Feel anxious about everything that needs to be done?
  4. Get embarrassed to have guests in your home ?
  5. Own duplicate items because you can’t find things?
  6. Have an offsite storage space you pay rent for?
  7. Have have too much stuff, but no place to put it?
  8. Frequently run late for appointments?
  9. Spend a lot of time looking for things?
  10. Have organizational systems that don’t seem to work?
  11. Feel like you need a change?

Did you answer “yes” to most of these questions?  Then a Professional Organizer is a good fit for you to address these issues and help calm the chaos you may be dealing with.  The professional organizers of Streamlined Living will partner with you to create customized systems and solutions that work for you and your family.
Christina and the Streamlined Living team can help decrease the amount of of stress in your life while creating systems to increase and maintain your productivity and efficiency.   They will teach you routines and suggest habits to simplify your life in a non-judgmental way.  When working with clients, a Professional Organizer’s goal is not to throw everything away, but rather help clients make decisions about their belongings.  In our disposable, consumeristic society, people have been taught how to acquire things, but not how to deal with what they have, or even how to make decisions of how to let go of their “stuff.”

Contact Christina today at 216-586-4738 to get started on your journey to an organized life.  Want to learn more?  Click here.

Drowning in clutter, but don't know where to start?

This Organizing Jumpstart Challenge is *exactly* what you need!

Stop wasting the hour (or more!) you're currently losing to clutter + disorganization each day!*

Why this challenge?

  • Just what you need to get started
  • Strategies that work in real life
  • Success in mere minutes

*this adds up to 2-6 weeks a year!

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