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Smart Paper Towel Storage Ideas for Every Space

In the world of kitchen organization, the details matter, even the ones that we might think are not worth a second thought. 

Like paper towels. 

They’re a utilitarian, almost pedestrian paper product, and definitely one that we don’t think much about until we need them.

But because they’re great for cleaning up all sorts of messes, including the ones we want to just throw away immediately.

So it’s important to carve out just the right space in your home to locate a handy roll of paper towels.

And chances are, you’ll want to have a place for paper towels in multiple places in your home as well as have a dedicated place to store extra rolls too.

Let’s get into a whole host of paper towel storage ideas suited for every type of home, from the compact and minimalist to the spacious and extravagant.

Kitchen Paper Towel Storage Ideas

There are a myriad of ways to store and organize paper towels in the kitchen:

Under-Cabinet Holders

One of the most space-efficient storage solutions is the under-cabinet holder.

Paper Towel Holders for Kitchen,Paper Towels Bulk- Self-Adhesive Under Cabinet,Both Available in Adhesive and Screws,Stainless Steel

These holders are designed to be mounted underneath a kitchen cabinet, keeping countertops clear and paper towels easy to reach.

They come in a variety of styles, from simple metal rods to more decorative options, and can be installed with minimal tools.

By positioning the paper towel holder underneath the cabinet, precious counter space is freed up.

This paper towel holder has a minimalistic design that won’t stand out much in the kitchen, yet keeps the paper towels very accessible.

Marley's Monsters UNpaper Towels - 24 Count roll, Reusable Paper Towels, Paperless, Cotton, Tree Free (Surprise Print)

If you ever decrease your use of paper towels and choose to use reusable kitchen towels instead, this style of paper towel holder still works to hold the non-paper paper towels!

Prefer a version that you don’t have to drill into the bottom of the cabinet?

SUNTECH Paper Towel Holder Under Cabinet - Self Adhesive Towel Paper Holder Stick on Wall for Kitchen, Bathroom Paper Towel Holder Organizer&Storage&Decor, Stainless Steel

Check out this adhesive mount paper towel holder.

​Over-the-Cabinet Door Organizers

For those who prefer not to drill into their cabinets, over-the-cabinet door organizers present a no-fuss alternative.

ZUNTO Paper Towel Holder Cabinet Door - Hanging Paper Towel Holder for Kitchen, Cabinet Paper Towel Roll Holder - Over The Door & Inside Cabinet, Stainless Steel

This style of paper towel rack hooks over the top of cabinet doors, positioning paper towels conveniently on the outside of the cabinet.

iDesign Axis Metal Over the Cabinet Paper Towel Bar for Kitchen, Pantry, Mudroom, 5.2" x 1.2" x 12", Bronze

This style of paper towel holder is particularly useful in small kitchens where maximizing every inch of space is crucial.

Spectrum Diversified Vertical Cabinet Door Paper Dispenser, Fits Regular & Jumbo Rolls, Towel Holder, Sturdy Steel Kitchen Decor, Chrome

This style of over the counter paper towel holder is unique since the paper towel roll is positioned vertically, inline most other holders which situate the roll horizontally.

Wall-Mounted Racks

PEDORUBY - Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder for Kitchen, Wall Mount Paper Roll Holder with Self-Adhesive or Screw Mounting Option, Paper Towel Holder Wall Mount, Pantry or Cabinet Organizer. (Black)

Wall-mounted racks offer versatility in placement and style and are another great option for providing a designated place for kitchen paper towel storage.

From industrial metal designs to rustic wood finishes, there’s a rack to match every kitchen décor.

These racks can be installed near the sink or cooking area for easy access, and some even feature shelves for additional storage.

Freestanding Holders

For flexibility and ease of access, freestanding holders are an excellent choice.

These portable solutions can be placed on countertops, tables, or wherever is most convenient.

The best freestanding paper towel holder is one that’s weighted so it will remain standing when you grab off what you need.

OXO Good Grips Steady Paper Towel Holder

This OXO Good Grips Paper Towel Holder is the one weighted version of a paper towel holder that I’ve used for years. 

Utensil Caddy, Grill Condiment Caddy, BBQ & Picnic Caddy, Utensil Holder for Party, Picnic Flatware Caddy with Handle and Paper Towel Roll Holders, Utensil Cutlery Caddy for Camping, Kitchen

This dual roll paper towel holder is designed to be very portable and the basket at the bottom has generous room for kitchen staples or condiments, should it be used for dining outside.

Inside Cabinet Doors

Utilizing the inside of cabinet doors is a clever way to hide paper towels while keeping them accessible.

This method involves mounting a holder to the inside of a cabinet door, ensuring the roll is out of sight but still within easy reach.

It’s a perfect solution for those who prefer a minimalist kitchen aesthetic.

Many of the over-the cabinet storage racks will also work for storing paper towels inside a cabinet.

mDesign Over Cabinet Paper Towel Holder with Multi-Purpose Basket Shelf - Hanging Storage Organizer for Kitchen, Pantry, Laundry, Garage - Holds Dish Soap, Cleaners, Sponges - Metal Wire - Black

And there’s also other styles that are better suited for an interior cabinet location, such as this style with a narrow shelf.

Drawer Solutions

Rev-A-Shelf Wood Base Cabinet Paper Towel Pull Out Organizer w/Soft Close

Some modern kitchens come with built-in paper towel drawers, but you can also retrofit existing drawers with a dowel or a specialized insert.

This idea keeps paper towels hidden but easily accessible, maintaining a clutter-free countertop.

It’s a smart choice for minimalist kitchens where every detail is considered.

Bathroom Paper Towel Storage Ideas

If you enjoy the convenience of having paper towels in the bathroom, or consider paper towels bathroom essentials in the bathroom space, then a paper towel dispenser is a great way to attractively store and keep paper towels on hand.

It’s also an ideal solution for an especially small bathroom, where space is generally at a premium and preserving open space on the counter is best.

Solid Wood Paper Towel Dispenser Wall Mounted, Folded Paper Towel Holder with Lid, Commercial C-Fold, Z-Fold, Trifold Hand Paper Towel Holder Dispenser for Bathroom Kitchen Office

This wall-mounted dispenser looks quite attractive with the wooden top and doesn’t take up much space on the wall.

You can also store a roll or two under the sink in the bottom of the cabinet, either freestanding or with a weighted roll holder to keep things extra tidy.

Using a holder will also be a signal when it’s time to bring in a fresh roll to replace the empty roll.

Garage and Outdoor Paper Towel Storage Ideas

Garage spaces are another place paper towels come in handy, so it’s smart to install a roll holder in that space as well for traditional paper towels or shop towels.

YIGII Garage Paper Towel Holder with Shelf - Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder with 4 Hooks, Single-Hand Tear Paper Towel Rack Heavy Duty Tissue Holder for Clean Station, Craft Room, Workbench (Black)

This paper towel holder is specifically designed for garage wall mounting and features a shelf and hooks to add further function and practicality.

DELITON Magnetic Paper Towel Holder - Multifunctional Paper Towel Bar with Strong Magnetic Backing for Kitchen, Refrigerator, Grill Silver

If wall mounting isn’t an option, this magnetic paper towel holder is a great alternative, especially if you have a toolbox, metal cabinet or garage freezer with an exposed side.

For spaces without a lot of floor space, consider installing a flush mount paper towel holder within the wall itself.

Atatod Tilt-Out Stainless Steel Paper Towel Holder Drawer Works with Your Grilling or Prep Zones for Easy & Quick Cleanup Flush Mount for Outdoor Kitchen Island

This flush mount style is commonly used in outdoor kitchen set ups, but could also be installed in a garage wall too.

Storing Extra Paper Towels

Storage of bulk paper towels can be a challenge since they’s such a bulky items that take up more than a little bit of space.

I don’t recommend creating an elaborate storage system to store bulk paper products, whether paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls.  

They’re not exactly super high value items that should take up valuable space and can adapt to an efficient solution given the quirks of your particular home and needs.

That being said, keep extra rolls in a convenient location, but not one that takes center stage in any storage area.

In fact, the size, shape and weight of paper towels makes them perfect candidates for storing in harder to reach places, like top shelves in a utility room or linen closet.

After all, no one’s ever been hurt by getting bopped in the head with a falling roll of paper towels!

And because of the long, long shelf life of a paper towel roll, you’re mostly concerned with keeping the rolls dry and free of potential contaminants like dust, mildew and mold, so they’re ready to be used when needed.

So keep that in mind when choosing a storage location for the paper products.

I’ve carved out space to store paper towels in my laundry room shelves since the cabinets run to the top of the ceiling, making the top shelf somewhat difficult to reach without a step stool.  

But it’s a great storage option because it makes use of available space that might otherwise go unused and takes advantage of a small space that’s awkward to store other things.

One more ideas for storing paper towels: If you have room at the top of a utility closet, position a tension rod or two vertically, to run from the shelf to the ceiling, to section off a narrow space and stack a whole bunch of paper towels up on one another, all the way to the ceiling.

Over to you!

And that’s a wrap for all the different ways you can store paper towels within your home.

Who knew there were so many different options?

At the end of the day, choosing the right paper towel storage solution depends on the size of your space, your style preferences, and how you use your space.

Whether you opt for a wall-mounted rack, a sleek under-cabinet holder, or a creative DIY project, the key is to find a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

With the right approach, paper towels can be conveniently stored without compromising the look and feel of your home.

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