How to Solve Kitchen Clutter

How to organize your kitchen so it can be the space of your dreams!


What I know for sure: Everyone has at some point experienced clutter in their kitchen and a lot of it hides out of sight behind cabinet doors.  My kitchen has a similar issue.  One of my kitchen cabinets has stuff in it that I haven’t looked at for years.  And I’m going to reveal it to you today.  That’s actually an overstatement because if you’ve watched the video of my kitchen tour, you’ve seen this cabinet before.  I’m sure I mentioned that it would be a space I’d be re-working soon!

The left side of the cabinet is accessed somewhat frequently.  My favorite cookbooks live on this side.  Its not too too bad.  But, the other side, however, has mostly clutter.  Stuff I don’t use at all, or stuff that I use pretty infrequently.  See how the clutter is trying to sneak over to the left?

The right side of the cabinet just a complete mess.  Goldfish food even though

Goldie has been gone for over 2 years.  Halloween party cups from Halloween 2013.  Paper bowls from 2008 left in the cabinet “just in case” we would need them.

To start the organizing process, I emptied out one side of the cabinet.  And then the other.   No pictures necessary


This was an easy cabinet to reorganize because most everything was going right back in, arranged slightly different. I took a hard look at all of the cookbooks and organized them by type and size, and decided not to keep a few.  The baking books and magazines are on the left because I don’t use them a whole lot and the rest are organized by size.

And this is everything that was either not a cookbook or something I wanted to keep in this particular cabinet.


These are the items I re-homed in another part of my house.



I had a small amount of cookbooks that I had been keeping because I wanted to make a few recipes out of them.  But none had more than four recipes flagged and I thought it would be better to transfer those recipes into my recipe manager, Paprika.  By getting rid of those four seldom used cookbooks, I saved about 5 inches of room in the cabinet.


And here is all of the stuff I nominated to leave my house.  An important step in re-organizing any space is to check with your partner to make sure you’re not getting rid of anything they want!  My hubby was sitting in the kitchen as I reorganized the cabinet so he gave a thumbs up to everything pictured here leaving.



And here’s a shot of the cabinet, fully re-organized.  There are just enough cookbooks on the left to have everything stand up nicely.  The right side – well, I still have to re-imagine the space for another use.  It was crammed with clutter for so long – about 7 years, the entire time we’ve lived in this house.  I need to leave it empty for a bit so I can figure out what would work best there.


Over to you!

What cabinets in your Kitchen are you now ready to tackle?  I so hope you are inspired by all of the empty space I freed up!  Let’s chat below!

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