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Super Smart Ways to Organize Underwear in a Closet

A well-organized closet is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional since you’re in and out of the space on the daily. 

While much attention is often given to arranging clothes and shoes, the organization of underwear is an equally important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

A neatly arranged underwear section in your closet not only saves time during hectic mornings but also can help maintain the longevity of your undergarments. 

In this article, we’ll explore some practical tips and tricks on how to organize underwear in your closet with style and efficiency.

Declutter and Sort

Before diving into organizing your underwear and figuring out the best way to organize undergarments, it’s essential to declutter and sort through your collection.

Collect all of your underwear and sort on a flat surface.

Discard any worn-out, ill-fitting, or old underwear. 

Even if it’s a favorite, pitch anything with holes or broken clasps.

Sort the remaining undergarments into categories such as boxers, briefs, panties, everyday bras, sports bras, etc. 

This initial step sets the foundation for an organized and efficient underwear section so you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

No more rooting around for the right underwear for a particular occasion!

Now on to organizing all of your unmentionables in your closet.

Invest in Structure

If your closet doesn’t already have internal structure, like shelves or drawers, then this is the first thing you’ll need to add to the closet in order to establish an organized space.

ClosetMaid SuiteSymphony Closet Organizer with Shelves, 3 Drawers, 25-Inch-Pure White

Consider adding a closet organization system that has drawers to your closet.

This can be quite the upgrade if you’re starting off with a simple hanging rod.

Underwear is best organized in drawers, so you’ll want to add some if your closet space doesn’t already have them.

ClosetMaid 1566 Stackable 2-Drawer Horizontal Organizer, White

This set of dresser drawers is an easy duo to add to the space and will accommodate lots of space for lingerie storage.

HAITRAL Fabric Storage Chest, Drawer Clothes Organizer - 4 Drawers Storage Organizer Unit for Closet, Easy Assembly Closet Dresser for Dorm, Bedroom, Hallway, Storage Bins (White)

If you have a walk in closet, then consider adding a mini-tower of drawers to accommodate underwear and socks.

CTSNSLH 4 Pack Folding Closet Organizers Storage Box, Stackable Plastic Drawer Basket for Clothing(White)

These stackable open front storage bins are another great option for storing underwear and bras.

Less Expensive Closet Structure

If drawer space is limited in your closet and funds are tight, consider alternative storage solutions such as hanging organizers or baskets. 

SMIRLY Hanging Closet Organizer and Storage Shelves - Clothes Organizer for Closet, Storage Organizer - Hanging Shelves for Closet Organization and Storage, Closet Shelf Organizer with Drawers

Hanging closet rod organizers with multiple drawers and compartments can be hung on closet rods, 

Also, baskets can be placed on shelves or in cubbies. 

These solutions provide additional storage space while keeping your underwear easily accessible.

Whitmor Hanging Shoe Shelves - 8 Section - Closet Organizer - Grey

For closets with less space, consider narrow hanging vertical shoe racks, with or without drawer inserts for storage of bulkier or less worn underwear.

Use the Back of the Closet Door

ULG 1 Pack Over Door Organizer with 5 Large Pockets 10 Mesh Side Pockets, 44 lbs Weight Capacity Hanging Storage Organizer with Clear Window Kids Toys, Shoes, Diapers, Dark Grey, 5 Layers

Don’t forget to take advantage of the back of the closet by adding a hanging closet organizer!

It’s an additional opportunity for storing your organized underwear collection in an accessible, yet slightly out of the way space.

Add Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers are your best friend when it comes to organizing underwear. 

Kocuos Honeycomb Separator Adjustable Drawer Organizer Divider for Underwear Belt-Scarf Socks Organizer (White(1pc))

Invest in smooth surfaced adjustable dividers that can fit various drawer sizes and accommodate delicate items. 

These dividers help create separate compartments for different types of underwear, making it easier to locate specific items and maintain orderliness.

Plus they make it easier to see each item and can reduce the temptation to pile everything up into a single drawer.

Bamboo Drawer Dividers Organizers 6-pack (12"-17") Adjustable Spring Loaded Drawer Divider Expandable Drawer Organizer Utensil Separators for Kitchen, Bedroom, Dresser, Office, Baby Drawers, Closet

Spring-loaded drawer dividers are another great option that allows you to have more flexibility in laying out the drawer’s configuration.

Utilize Drawer Inserts or Organizers

Drawer inserts or organizers are another excellent tool for organizing underwear in an orderly system, especially in closets featuring deep dresser drawers.

Criusia 3 Pack Sock Underwear Organizer Dividers, 64 Cell Fabric Foldable Cabinet Closet Organizers and Storage Boxes for Storing Socks, Underwear, Ties (16+24+24 Cell, Gray)

Fabric drawer organizers and inserts come in various shapes to fit drawers of different sizes and are designed specifically for storing many pairs of underwear and undergarments and don’t take up that much space. 

Simple Houseware Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider 4 Set, Gray

Drawer insert style organizers typically have compartments for different types of underwear, allowing you to neatly arrange and stack them and store more in less space.

If there’s leftover space, you can even add a pair of socks to take full advantage of the small squares to store even more in a limited space.

Criusia Underwear Drawer Organizer, 6 Set Foldable Underwear Drawer Organizer and Closet Dividers,Storage Box for Clothes, Socks, Underwear (6 Bins) (Light Grey)

Drawer inserts without internal dividers will give you the widest number of choices for how to arrange underwear in them, but it’ll take more effort to keep things neatly organized.

But ultimately, either option is a space-saving solution that result in an organized underwear drawer.

Bructhun Sock Drawer Organizer Set of 3 Storage Boxes, Underwear Organizer Dividers, Dresser Drawer Dividers for Clothes, Closet Cabinet Organizer for Bra Ties Leggings

This trio of drawer inserts is roomy enough for multiple rows of boxers or underwear and long enough for bras too.

Take Advantage of Shelves

If your closet features a shelf within easy reach, consider adding stacking organizer drawers to store underwear.

MSHOMELY Socks Underwear Drawer Organzier Dividers, 16 Cell Stackable Closet Organzier, Drawer Organzier for Clothing, Plastic Underwear Organziers and Storage for Baby Clothes, Bra, Ties, Belts

This lingerie drawer organizer is great since it’s clear and has slots for panties and works best if you’ll fold or .

Miaocona Underwear Organizer Drawer, 10 Cells Plastic Sock Underwear Storage Drawer, Stackable Closet Organizers and Storage Box for Bras, Socks, Scarves, Ties, Belt (Large Size-White, 1 Pcs)

Bulkier underwear will need a different option, like this reach in bin.

The benefit to both of these closet shelf organizers is that they can be stacked to take advantage of the available vertical space.

Fold or Roll, Don’t Pile

Next, avoid the temptation to dump all of your underwear into drawers haphazardly in one big jumbled mess of a pile. 

Instead, fold or roll them neatly before placing them in the designated compartments. 

Folding or rolling not only saves space but also prevents wrinkles and maintains the shape of your underwear and makes finding exactly what you’re looking for much easier.

Less wrinkles means a more comfortable fit!

Arrange by Color or Type

Also, consider arranging your underwear either by color or type for ease of access and visual appeal. 

TOOVREN Bra Drawer Organizers, Underwear Wardrobe Organizers Divider, Lingerie Storage Bins, Closet Organizers and Storage Boxes, Foldable Closet Storage Box for Underwear Bra Socks (6 Grids,2 Pack)

You can group similar colors together or organize them according to type (e.g., boxers, briefs, demi cup bras and athletic bras). 

Similarly, be sure to separate out specialty items like strapless or convertible bras.

StorageWorks Closet Storage Bins with Clear Window and 2 Handles, Foldable Clothing Bins for Shelves, Fabric Organizer, Beige, 3 Pack

Depending on the frequency of use, you may want to store this type of lingerie in a separate storage box located on a high shelf in your closet.

This way, you’ll know exactly where to find the bras when you need them for special occasion and they’ll be out of the way for days when you need regular bra option.

Bonus points for storage bins with a see through front panel.

This not only makes it easier to find what you need but also adds a touch of organization and symmetry to your closet.

Oooh, la la, how fancy!

Mistakes to Avoid

Lingerie is an expensive investment, so you want to be using storage systems that will prolong the life of your bras, especially.

Avoid bra hangers unless they hang from the middle.

Also avoid the temptation to hanging the bras by the strap on s hooks.

Gravity and the weight of the fabric will pull the bra out of shape and likely shorten the lifespan of the bra.

Fold or stack bras instead to keep the bras in good condition.

Another “creative way” suggested for underwear organization is to use a hanging shoe organizer to store underwear.

This will work, but it’s an inefficient way to store underwear in a closet.
Who really wants to dig out a pair of panties from the deep clear pockets?

There are much better options outlined in this post, including the foldable underwear organizers highlighted above.

Rotate Regularly

To ensure that all your underwear gets equal wear and prevents certain items from being forgotten, make it a habit to rotate your collection regularly. 

Place freshly laundered and new underwear at the back of the drawer or at the bottom of the stack to ensure that older pieces are used first.

Otherwise, you’re likely to wear out just a few and have a less ideal number of undergarments on hand.

Over to you!

And now you know the basics of organizing your unmentionables in a closet!

These underwear closet organizing tips are fantastic for anyone who lacks dresser drawer space or prefers o store all clothing in a built in closet or wardrobe. 

Also, organizing your underwear and maintaining underwear drawer organization may seem like a teeny-tiny task, but it really can have a significant impact on your daily routine and overall closet organization. 

By following these practical tips and incorporating them into your routine, you can create a well-organized underwear section that is both stylish and efficient. 

So, roll up those panties, fold those boxers, and take control of your underwear drawer today!

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