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8 Travel Organization Tips You Need to Know

Summer is the time for trips both long and short.  

It’s already August (how did that happen?), but there’s still time for a quick get away before the Fall routines and schedules come into play. 

No matter how I’m traveling, saving space is key to maintaining my sanity! 

Here are some of my best travel organization tips for saving space while on an adventure:

1.  Think compact!

Taking a DVD player to keep the kids content? 

Don’t haul all of the movies in their cases! 

Grab a CD wallet case and load it up. 

The tight and compact design will make it easy to keep track of and tote along many movies easily.

2.  Seal it up!

Ensure no messes and pack any liquids, gels, lotions and potions in a ziplock. 

If anything leaks, it’ll all be contained in the plastic bag and not all over everything else.

3.  Downsize your toiletries.

Get yourself some of these wonderful GoToobs

Reusable, sturdy and some have clever features like a suction cup on the side so it can be stuck on the wall when counter space is minimal or non-existent.

4.  Plan outfits!

When I’m packing, look at each day and think of the activities that have been scheduled (or what you could do) and pack accordingly. 

Don’t just dump half of my closet in a suitcase last minute. 

Write out a list to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything.

5. In cars, use all available nooks and crannies.

Before your trip, make sure to clean out those nooks to ensure you can take full advantage of the space. 

Also make sure to take out everything you won’t need on the trip â€“ all space counts. 

Anything that gives you more room in the car to stretch out, even a little bit, is worth it.

6. Enlist Mr. Postman (or the Fedex guy).

Staying with relatives? 

Ship some stuff in advance. 

We do this regularly when we visit my in-laws in Florida. 

It’s cheaper than checking bags and we don’t have the trouble of lugging bags around airports. 

Anything to lighten the load while traveling with kids in tow is nothing short of fantastic.

7. Pack outfits together in “packets.”

I’ve seen other systems for keeping clothes together using ziplocks, but the tree hugger in me absolutely cringes at the waste. 

Simply fold shirts over the shorts, skirt or pants. 

If you want, tuck the undies and socks inside the folded bottoms for a complete packet. 

This way everything will stay together and a ziplock won’t be wasted, nor your time.

how to organize clothes

8. Pack standing up.

Not you, but your clothes! 

Instead of putting clothes plain into the suitcase like a stack of pancakes, put them standing up so the folds of the clothes can be seen. 

If you have packet-ized the clothes, it makes it super easy to not only see what you’ve packed, but it’s also super easy to grab a packet of clothes while dressing. 

Note that I use the packet method of my kids’ stuff and not so much for mine. 🙂  

Plus, I’ve found that I can fit a heck of a lot more in the suitcase using this strategy.

9.  Bonus Tip: Use the right tools

Are you planning a trip and would like to stay even more organized?  

I’ve designed a handy printable Vacation Planner with just that in mind!  This kit includes a slew of printables designed to help you plan the best vacation with supreme travel organization:

  • Bucket List – research the best things to do!
  • Idea Planner of where to go, what to do, what to eat, where to stay
  • Travel Details – the ins and outs of the trip
  • Daily Plan â€“ Write out a quick snapshot or quick overview of each day
  • Daily Schedule – Really get specific and list out everything that’ll happen each day
  • Checklist of things to get before your vacation (with specific suggestions!)
  • Clothing Packing List – plan appropriate outfits and don’t pay for extra baggage
  • Packing List – forget nothing!
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