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How to be the Ultimate Goal Getter this Year

Do you have trouble setting a goal for yourself?  

Or maybe you can set the goal, but you’re not sure how to reach it?  

You’re in the right place!

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably made some resolutions of what you’d like to happen with your life this year!  

Loads of people take the new year as an opportunity to set some pretty big goals to make some pretty big changes in their life!  

But as you know, most people fail.  

There’s a bunch of reason for this, and I’m not going to get too deep into them, except for one.

One of the reasons people fail is that they don’t set themselves up for success.  

Again- lots of ways people self sabotage and I’m not going to go into that so much either.  

But for me, I find its hard to have success without a plan.  

For low level, easy to achieve things, winging it or even maybe having a quick mental plan will be enough.  

But for long-term goal-getting success, more is absolutely needed!

Planning to Achieve Your Goals

And that’s where the art of planning comes into play.  

The act of writing something down not only help you to remember better what you’ve written, but it forces you to think about what your plan is.

 To further increase the odds of succeeding with your goals, it helps to not use any ole’ piece of paper, but to have some guidance when writing down your plan.  

The good news is that there are many guides out there that can help you with specific goals.  Here are my favorites!

Goal: Lose weight and/or stay fit + healthy

How to reach this goal: Plan and track meals and activity.  

You know the drill: Figure out what you’re eating and eat less of it!  

Move more.  

The last step that you’ve been skipping?  

Writing it all down!  

There’ll be no more mindless eating when you’re writing down and tracking exactly what you eat.  

This Get Fit Printable Kit has pages for tracking meals, weight, exercise and more!

Goal: Drink more water

How to reach this goal: Tracking.  

It’s super hard to remember how many glasses of water you’ve had in a day without writing it down somehow.  

Prefer an app?  Try the Plant Nanny.  It’s a game-ified version of tracking!

Goal: Stop being late all the time

How to reach goal: Figure out how to manage your time better!

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I have a self-paced course that gives loads of time management and productivity solutions and strategies that you can implement right away.  

Goal: Travel more

How to reach this goal: Start researching some places to visit this year.  

And use this planner to help you first narrow down your choices and then hash out all of the details for the most perfect trip!

Here’s more advice for staying organized while on vacation!

And read this if you’s looking for Disney cruise packing tips!

Goal: Spend more time with family and friends

How to reach this goal: Throw a party!

Goal: Have less chaotic holidays

If the holidays seems to get to you every year because they’r so crazy, it’s time to make a change.

And again, planning things out is the answer.

Figure out how you’d like to feel during the holidays, then plan out your time.

Here’s an excellent Holiday Planner to use!  

Read more about staying organized during the holidays.

Goal: Spend less, save more

How to reach this goal: I have a trifecta of solutions for you:  

1.  Plan your meals and eat out less  

2.  Take a kitchen inventory so you can use what you already have on hand, and have less food waste.

3.  Get a handle on your finances and see where your money really is going!

Goal: Finally get organized

How to reach this goal: Get the support and guidance from a professional.

You’ve tried the DIY path and it’s not working!  

Help from knowledgeable friends will only take you so far.  

Take your commitment to this goal to the next level by working with me this year!

Over to you!

With these tips, you can really start to achieve and surpass your goals. And then set new ones!

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