Using Printables to Get Organized

Let me be really clear – I am a huge Apple and Google fan and am a total tech nerd.  I enjoy geeking out on the latest gossip and spoilers about upcoming Apple products – whether it is an iPhone or the latest iOS release.  But often, I like putting pen to paper and writing things out.  I vacillate between the digital and non-digital (aka paper) world, mostly depending on my moods.  I seem to remember things better when I have written them down.  And I know I’m not alone!

The top things I still write out on a near daily basis are lists and blog posts!  I love a good handwritten To Do list.  The simple act of writing something down exponentially increases the likelihood of me accomplishing the given task.  It’s like I’m getting it out of my head as a mere possibility of something that should or could be done and am re-categorizing it as something that I will do.  Does that make sense?  I also like to write out shopping lists and meal plans.  I’ve recently added to my Etsy Shop some really fabulous printables especially for paper loving chicks.  They’re colorful, but not too ink intensive.  They’re designed to be prompts to help you stay organized.  If you’re still on the path to becoming more organized and feel that you’re not there quite yet, the printables can be your silent partner to help you get there faster.

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