Why You Should Work with Me to Get Organized

I had lunch the other day with a friend and we got talking about our businesses.  

She knows I’m oh so very open to constructive criticism, and she quite plainly said, “I don’t know that I need you.”  

She went on to say that she knew she did need me, but that I hadn’t been expressing on my blog or through social media posts why anyone should work with me.  

The second she said it, I knew she was right.  

Running your own business is painfully difficult.  

Anyone who doesn’t admit that is either really successful and they just don’t remember what it was like in the early days.  

Or they’re missing something big.  

In either case, I knew I needed to remedy this problem straightaway.  

Even though I’m not usually one to sing my own praises, I’m here today to share with you why you should work with me.


You shield your head with your hands when opening closets (aka, you have clutter)

I’m good at not only getting rid of the clutter, but also teaching you how to get rid of clutter.  

My clients tell me this is one thing they enjoy the most.  

They take the strategies I teach them while we work together and apply them to other rooms and spaces.

Your office looks like a paper tornado touched down

Corralling paper is a specialty of mine.  

And since I’m an entrepreneur myself, I understand that challenges facing small business owners.  

I can help streamline the running of your business so you can focus on what you know best – your business.

You have a junk room or other space you’d love to reclaim, if only you had the time

Four hands (or more) make for quick work.

 For jobs that need to be done in a real hurry, I have a team to help with projects of any size.  

There’s a true value of having a space de-cluttered and organized so you can focus on doing what you really want to do.


You keep losing things or are always late

Time management issues and disorganization usually go hand in hand.

 I can help find a schedule that will work for you and clear that clutter too.


You’re overwhelmed and stressed

Clutter has a nasty habit of causing stress.  

It can also make you feel overwhelmed because a lot of the time, our mental state is effected by our physical surroundings.  

I help with that by de-cluttering your spaces and giving you room to breathe.


You don’t know where to start

I provide a roadmap to a more organized life.  

I’ll find the right systems for you and help you implement them too.


But, you don’t live in Cleveland?

No problem at all.  

Since you’re reading this, you have an internet connection.  

That’s all we need to work together.  

I offer online one-on-one coaching to help you cut the chaos and clutter.

Don’t think you can afford my services?

How much is two or three weeks worth to you?  

That’s the average amount of time disorganized people spend a year looking for misplaced items.  I

f you’re really disorganized, even more time is lost in the search each year.  

I can help you reclaim that lost time.

Stop wishing for a less chaotic, and reduced-stress life and let’s work together.

Go ahead and contact me if you have more questions, or take a look at what the experiences of my clients have been like.

Don’t delay.  

A month or year from now, you’ll wish you would’ve started today!

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