How to Be More Productive When Working from Home

Working From Home: Productivity Tips to Try Today!

Whether you’ve been working from home for a long time or you’re newly at home due to a stay at home order, these organizing tips can help you work happier right away!

Let’s get to it!

Find a comfortable place to work

First, find a comfortable place (or two) to work.

Don’t get trapped into conventional thinking that you need to sit at a desk or table to get work done.

If you’re comfortable with a laptop literally on your lap (like me!), then the couch can be your best friend.

Pro tip: Flip the couch cushions over or swap them if the cushions start to get uncomfortable or not supportive enough.

Comfort is king.

Don’t get stuck thinking you’re beholden to a desk.

Change your view

If you’re having a hard time focusing, try switching locations for a bit.

The change in perspective can help you refocus!

If it’s not possible to move your work station, then take a short walk to clear your head and regain focus.

Clear your Space

Having a cluttered space literally makes it harder to get work done.

So clear out what out you don’t need.

Keep only what you need within reach.

Think: a notebook, pen, something to drink and snacks.

Everything else should be farther away to give you wide open space to work.

If you’re surrounded by clutter, focusing will be hard, so get it out of your way!

If you have a lot of clutter to clear, don’t despair!

I have a fun game that makes the task easy to handle.

Learn how to play the Timer Game right here.

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Paper Management

If you need papers and files close to you for reference while you’re working, get them organized and minimize how much space they take up.

Get the papers vertical with a simple filing system that’ll instantly improve how your space looks.

Here’s how to set up a low cost and portable filing system:

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Storing files vertically not only take up less space, but also makes it easier to find what you’re looking for!

No more digging through a stack of paper!

Instead, grab some magazine files and vertical file folders and store your papers.

Don’t have vertical file folders?

Grab a post it note and make a “tab” and place it at the top of your document, making it easy to spot your document.

Comfort boosters

Now that you’ve chosen a comfortable spot to work, it’s time to make your space even more comfortable.

Laptop Stand

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When it get warm, I tend to get really hot with my computer on my lap.

That’s when I pull out this laptop stand.

It has a cooling fan built right in, but I’ve never had to use it.

Just having the stand lift the laptop off my legs a bit is enough for me.

Just make sure that your elbows aren’t flexed beyond a 90 degree angle.

If they are, you’re putting a lot of strain on your body that’ll lead to unwanted consequences and joint strain!

Give similar consideration to your wrist position.

Aim to keep your wrists as level with your arms as possible to avoid developing repetitive motion strains.

Building on the fact that being comfortable will help you be more productive,

Set Goals

Next, get a daily game plan together.

Prioritizing what you need to get done for the day helps to bypass overwhelm that comes when you make a massive To Do List.

Become a goal setting guru and don’t overwhelm yourself with possibilities.

Kids at home?

Working with kids at home from school or day care is a huge challenge.

There’s no getting around it, so look for pockets of time you can work with as few distractions as possible.

For example, start your work day earlier to minimize kid-related distractions.

Getting up just one hour earlier than your kids can give you a “Golden Hour” to accomplish a lot and start off the day feeling great!

Watch this for more tips!

Make your home office like 'new' without going to the store

Over to you!

And there you have it!

Totally doable productivity tweaks to make working from home easier and more enjoyable.

The best news is that the changes don’t have to be a huge time or money investment to pay off.

Small shifts can make a big difference!

What idea will you try first?

Tell me in the comments!

More Productivity Resources

If you’re looking to get even more done each day while you’re working from home, then you’re going to love this self-paced course!

Slay Your To Do List: 13 Steps to Becoming a Time Management Master is the ultimate guide to knocking out time wasting habits and clear the path to feeling like you’re conquering the world every day!

In addition to the guide, there’s also workbook to walk you through every step of the process.

You’ll be so motivated by the fresh tips and supportive perspective!

Now’s the time to figure out how you best work so you can use your time well and you can finally quit spinning your wheels!

This daily agenda is just what’s needed for on point and realistic planning.

And the bright colors are enough to brighten any day!

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