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Overwhelmed? cth-300x300

Don’t know where to start?

Not enough time? 

Don’t want to do it alone?


What you need is someone to help. 

Someone that will tell you like it is, only in a supportive, and non-judgmental way. 

Someone who provides practical, reality based strategies who can make getting organized happen for you, like yesterday.  

That’s exactly what I do, my friend.


"Working with Christina on organizing my backlog of paperwork was terrific.  She was practical, supportive, and insightful, asking just the right questions to help me create and maintain a system that has continued to work.”- Lisa

Ready to get started on the road to an organized life?

I break down the organizing process into easy to manage steps that won't leave you overwhelmed or frustrated!  My clients see results they've never been able to achieve on their own and in less time than they anticipate too!  

"Being vulnerable in our personal mess can be VERY hard!  Christina enters in a humble, yet matter-of-fact way providing space for acceptance as well as tangible forward movement!!  She helped me in my basement disaster toward answers in the physical environment that I needed and was looking for.  She was also instrumental in helping me re-think and actualize my daughter’s room as she moved from a childhood room into a teenage room.  I am grateful for her guidance and involvement- I could not have done it without her!" -Jeannine

In-Person Organizing & Coaching Services

My favorite spaces to work with are the ones that are giving my clients the biggest headaches- everything from kitchens to playrooms to offices.  Oh, and paper- I am a paper clutter clearing ninja!  Probably due to my previous career as a litigation attorney.

Whatever you need help with, I’ll figure out a solution that works best for your lifestyle and needs.  

"Christina is the best! She helped me with my office which is very overwhelming to me--my desk drawers! She made me feel more confident and less 'ashamed' about how disorganized I can be! She is a no-guilt guru!" - Clover

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