Organizing Truth Bomb: You have too much stuff to be organized

Stumped as to why you can’t get organized? It’s because you have too much stuff Today, I’m dropping a major truth bomb on you, so brace yourself.   Staying organized will always be a struggle if you have too much stuff. No matter how much you try to sort and containerize, re-organize into prettier containers and […]

How to Optimize Kitchen Cabinets

How to Optimize Kitchen Cabinet Storage Space

A big part of keeping any kitchen organized and cleaned up is having a place to put everything.   Some kitchens have more generous storage space than others, but in both cases, it’s important to use the space you have really well! Going to the next level of kitchen organization means optimizing the space to […]

how to get organized on any budget

How to Get Organized on a Budget

Looking to get organized, but on a tight budget? You are so in the right place to get the best answers on how to transform any space into one with order and organization! Look in any home magazine, and you might think that you have to spend a lot of money to get organized. And […]

Stylish home office organization

Stylish Home Office Organization

Typical office spaces can be sooooo boring with their fluorescent lighting and muted shades or brown and grey.   So good for you that you don’t have a typical office space to work in!   It’s a fact that you will get more done in a space that you enjoy being in! Here are some […]

What to do when KonMari Organizing Doesn't work

What to Do When KonMari Organizing Doesn’t Work

Last year, I spoke to a group of entrepreneurs about getting organized.   At the end of the talk, there was time for questions- one of my favorite parts of any speaking engagement!   One entrepreneur, asked what I thought about using the KonMari method to get organized.  Side note: I’m often asked about this […]


The Magic Formula to Finally Get Organized

Looking for a simple way to get your home and life organized? If only it was as easy as saying “Abracadabra” and waiving a wand, and Poof: our space was magically organized!   Unfortunately it isn’t quite that easy…  In this post, I will reveal the exact formula to use in order to get organized! […]

What clutter really costs you

What Clutter Really Costs You

Sure, clutter seems relatively harmless enough, right?  I hate to break it to you, but it’s totally not! In some cases it is just a pile of papers you meant to file away, a stack of books that need to be retuned to the library, or a hamper full of dirty clothes waiting to be […]