13 Ideas to Get Rid of Kid Stuff

You’ve decided that your family is complete.  

Now what to do with all of the kid stuff you’ve been saving just in case?  

This post will dive into 13 ways to handle kid organizing and exactly what to do with all of their unwanted stuff!

Give It Away

Want the stuff to leave in a nanosecond?  

Here are some super easy ways to make it happen in a snap!


Family members appreciate when quality items are passed along as hand-me-downs.  

My boys love getting clothes, books and even shoes from their older cousins.  

My brother and his wife had another baby and that baby is now three, about 5 years younger than my youngest, so we now have someone to pass things on to!

Need help organizing hand-me-downs? Read this post!


If you don’t have family members who can use the items, then see if a friend with younger children is interested.  

Post on Facebook to save time!

Local Charities

Easter Seals, Salvation Army, Purple Heart or other groups that will come to your home.  

Go to DonateStuff.com to schedule pickup of your items.  

All organizations take items in good condition, but The City Mission (in the Cleveland, Ohio area) will take clothing in not so hot condition (the fabric is recycled into new fabric).

Check to see if you have a similar option in your area.

Animal Shelters

Stuffed animals, blankets and towels are especially welcomed at animal shelters.

Preschool or daycare centers

Refresh the preschool’s inventory of activities by donating puzzles, toys, games and books for other children to enjoy.


Similarly, certain toys, puzzles and games can be donated to schools, especially for use during indoor recess.  

Some of my kids’ teachers have had an incentive system that used a class store.  

I’ve donated small items in good condition (fast food toys, stickers, left over birthday party loot bag fillers) to the class store for my child’s teacher!

Women’s and Homeless Shelters

Shelters will usually accept clothing for children and baby items.

Call before heading over with a carload.

Sell It

Want to make a little moola from your kid stuff?  Great!

Now keep in mind, selling the items may take longer to leave your home than if you give them away.  

But it may make sense if the item is in good condition and can have a second life with another family.

Places to Sell Kid Stuff


I’ve had fantastic luck selling toys, clothing and equipment my children have outgrown using Craigslist.


Facebook sale groups are forming every day, so do a search for groups in your area and post some items for sale.

Or post on Marketplace!

Garage Sales

Holding a garage sale most time and labor intensive option of the suggestions here.  

Make sure to watch this video before you decide to have a garage sale of your own!

Garage sales: Clutter buster or clutter magnet?

Consignment or Resale Shops

They will accept items based on seasonal needs, so don’t take Winter items to the store during Spring.  

And also the resale shops can be pickier than buy/sell/trade groups on Facebook.


eBay is great for getting rid of single items or larger lots that are easy to ship.

Unique or hard to find items can sell at premium prices (think retired Harry Potter Legos)!

Selling Items Quickly and For Top Dollar

There’s a bunch of ways to sell your items.

Items sell for more and faster if they’re offered at the right time and priced well.

If you want your items to sell for top dollar, get this guide to help you every step of the way!

Keeping Sentimental Items

Keep just a small amount of sentimental items for you and your children.

Organize it all in a memory box for them using this kit!

Over to you!

Bottom line:

Don’t hang on to kid stuff you won’t be using.  

Get it out of your home so you can focus on the present and future, and not be held down by items your family no longer needs.


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