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The Tear-Free Secret to Organizing Children’s Bedrooms

Do you walk into your child’s bedroom and shudder because it looks like a massive tornado has come through and tossed the room?

And you’re really not sure about the best place to start or even how to improve the room to make it more practical and keep it organized for longer than five minutes?

That’s exactly what we’ll explore in this post so that you can confidently organize your child’s space – tear-free!

Let’s dive into exactly how to get kids organized without losing your mind!

Skip the Lid

It’s super important to realize that you’ll be best served with bins and baskets that don’t have lids.

Most kids won’t take the time to put things away if they have to bother with a lid.

So for items that you want kids to pick up after themselves with, get lid free containers.

For items you don’t want kids to have easy access to, say craft supplies like beads, definitely store those in a lidded container, but also put the containers up out of reach!

Also, add a few hooks to the closet and maybe even back of the door.

Hooks provide an excuse-free way to keep things hung up and off the floor.

Add Labels

Labels are a necessity for any organized space, but it’s especially true for keeping kids’ spaces organized.  

The best type of labels of kids are ones that have a picture and word combo, like these:

Declutter on the regular

Just like this is true for the rest of your home, your kids’ rooms will be impossible to keep clean and organized if you’re not in there regularly decluttering, with or without your kids.

The reason why kids’ rooms can turn into a hot mess in a hurry is because most kids haven’t yet mastered the skills needed to keep their space organized.

And also because they’re outgrowing things at a ridiculous pace!

For babies, you’ll want to declutter every time they begin to outgrow clothes.

Make it easy on yourself by putting a bin in the closet for too small clothes to go into, so you can sort those out regularly.

Pass along outgrown clothes to family and friends or organize and store the hand me downs to use with a sibling.

For older kids, you’ll need to declutter rooms at every season change, if not more.

Other natural times for decluttering are right before holidays and birthday, times where an influx of new things are expected.

Carve out some time to downsize a bit to make room for the new things that will come in.

Set Limits

Most kids like to hang on to some trinkets that they only care about when it’s time to declutter.

Instead of having an argument about it, set limits on how much they can keep.

Let the space available dictate the limits.

For example, all books have to fit on the bookshelf.

Toys have to fit in the closet.

Nothing should be piled up on the floor or surfaces of dressers, bookcases or nightstands.

Rotate Toys

For young kids, this next tip is absolute gold!  

Keep clutter and disorganization at bay by rotating toys.  

Kids don’t need the full range of choices of play things.  

If everything is out, they’ll just get overwhelmed with the number of choices before them.  

Kids will treat toys that have been away for a few months as brand new.

And that’ll give you a little free time while they’re happily playing with their “new” toys and you’l have less toys out to contend with in the meantime!

It’s best to keep the toys being pulled out of rotation in non-translucent containers so that kids won’t see what’s not out.

Rubbermaid Roughneck️ Storage Totes 31 Gal, Large Durable Stackable Storage Containers, Great for Clothing, Seasonal Décor, Sports Equipment, and More, 6-Pack

This 31 Gallon Rubbermaid Roughneck Tote is my toy rotation storage bin of choice.

It’s sturdy and holds a generous amount of toys, even the big and bulky ones with no problem.

Otherwise, they’ll likely ask for toys from the additional bin to be out as well.

Be firm with the rotation- if your kids want the out of rotation toys out, the toys that are currently out have to go away!

Keep flat surfaces clear

Make an agreement with your child that all flat surfaces in their rooms are to be kept clear and not used for storage.  

So desks should be largely clear as well so they’re ready for homework.

For most rooms, this means that the floor isn’t home to anything but furniture.  

Other than large toys, everything else should be stored up and off the floor.

organize bookcase in child's room with books and toys
This cube bookcase holds more than books! Bulky toys and Lego creative have a safe spot on the top, free up floor space for playtime.

Keep Like With Like

Storing similar items together makes it way easier for your kid to use them.  

Keep all coloring books and crayons together for an instant art zone.

Reinforce the zones and categories of items with labels.

The labels will act like friendly little reminders and will really help speed up clean up time and keep everything more organized!

Set a Schedule

A final tip to not having to wage a war when trying to get your child’s room clean and organized, is to put the entire process on a schedule and then stick to that schedule.  

The schedule of cleaning and organizing could be that once a week, their bedroom should be cleaned and everything picked up.

Organizing is better left to a quarterly or semi-annual effort, to save the sanity of both you and your child!

But spot organizing should occur more frequently- like when putting away laundry each week.

If a drawer is starting to get out a control, a quick reorganization will keep the larger space from needing a more intensive overhaul.

Over to you!

Hope this post has given you the motivation and confidence to get your child’s room organized!

Use these tips to bring more order and function to their room and you’ll both enjoy the space a whole lot more!

If you’re looking for more advice on keeping kid bedroom organized be sure to check out this collection of practical kid bedroom organizing solutions.

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