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The Secret to Organizing Kids Rooms

What Every Kid’s Bedroom Needs to Stay Decluttered and Organized

How in the world do kids collect so much stuff?  

It’s like their junk multiplies at night when we’re not looking!  

The volume of the possessions and the various sizes of things that there are is what is so confounding!  

Trying to organize kid rooms is one of the biggest struggles clients ask for help with.

In any kid room, the object is to get rid of the absolute junk (Happy Meal toys, prizes from school and birthday loot bag contents to name a few), keep what they need and play with, then contain what’s being kept.  

This is the oversimplified, way boiled down one sentence summary of how to organize a kid room.  

Which makes it seem more simple than it actually is, as anyone who has ever tried to organize kid rooms can attest!

Here are some specific solutions that will work to organize kid rooms and to help keep them organized and clutter free!

Problem:  The room is getting overrun with (stuffed) animals

Kids are notorious for their collections of stuffed animals!  

They can quickly take over a space and are kind of hard to keep organized.

That is unless one of the fabulous solutions are used!

WEKAPO Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover for Kids | Stuffable Zipper Beanbag for Organizing Children Plush Toys Large Premium Cotton Canvas (Gray, X-Large)

Make the stuffed animals work as the stuffing of a bean bag chair!  

This is a fabulous solution for keeping the animals dust-free too!  

And I’ll bet your kids will get a kick out of their animals hiding in plain sight!

Dreambaby Toy Chain Organizer with Clips - Baby Plush Holder - Model L692

Hang the stuffed animals from a toy chain!

This is a good solution for a child with a smaller collection of animals- either in amount of size of animal.  

The animals are clipped to the chain, so they can easily be added or removed.

Lilly's Love Stuffed Animal Net Hammock for Plushie Toys - Large 2 Pack | Corner Hanging Pet Storage for Organizing your Teddy and Stuffy Collection | Easy to Hang w/Included Anchors & Hooks (White)

Or how about putting them up and away in a hammock?

This option gets everything up and into a corner that probably isn’t being used.  

If you really don’t like the look of the hoard of animals, you can tuck it in a corner behind the door!

Goodpick Black Woven Rope Laundry Basket, Tall Modern Laundry Hamper for Clothes, Blankets, Toys, Towels, Pillows, Laundry Bin for Living Room, Bedroom, Entryway, 15 x 20 inches, 58L

One last solution for organizing stuffed animals is to corral them all in a nice tall basket!

I like baskets like these because they will grow with your child.  

It would fit in to a teen’s room as well as a younger child’s room.  

That’s a big plus in my book!

Problem: You want to make use of the under the bed space for storage

Ideally, the space under the bed should be kept open and clear, but sometimes it makes the most sense to add some storage there.

This is true for tight spaces as well as kids rooms.

Because if you don’t put something there, then the space will inevitably get filled with all sorts of dirty clothes, candy wrappers, toys, and dust bunnies!

DONCO Kids 505-White Dual Under Bed Storage Drawer, White

Add a set of drawers under the bed!

I think the look of these is so lovely and streamlined!

3 Pcs Under Bed Storage Containers with Wheels UnderBed Storage Organizer Drawer Rolling Under Bed Metal Basket Wire Black Underbed Storage Cart for Home Office Clothes Shoes Bedding Books Toy Blanket

This wire frame rolling basket would be good for larger item to tuck right under the bed.

Internet's Best Small Collapsible Under the Bed Storage Bin - Small Square - 14.5 x 14.5 - Short Closet Shelf Open Storage - Rigid Frame Canvas Container

One last open top under the bed storage option is this fabric collapsible storage box.

Nice to have the option to fold it down to keep the sides unbent and strong when not in use.

Prefer closed top options?

IRIS USA 50 Qt Plastic Under Bed Storage Bin with Lids and Durable Buckles, Multi-Purpose Container Box for Clothes, Shoes, and Duvets, Clear

This under bed storage box is nice because it has a lid that’ll keep the contents dust free.
Amazon Basics Under Bed Fabric Storage Container Bags with Window and Handles - 2-Pack, 18 x 42 x 6 Inches, Gray

Not looking for something so fancy?

These zip top storage bins from Amazon Basics are wallet friendly.

They’re probably best for older kids and teenagers.

Need More Vertical Space Under the Bed?

If you’re concerned about having enough clearance for any of these solutions, maybe give the bed a slight boost?

Adjustable Stackable Bed Frame Risers for Elevation & Under-Bed Storage - Heavy-Duty Furniture Riser for Table, Couch, Desk, and Chair - Set of 4 Large & 4 Small Bed Lifts - Black Home It

With these risers, the tops of the containers won’t be damaged if your monkey jumps on the bed!

Problem: Storing lots of toys and books

Kids room are hard to keep organized due to the sheer volume of stuff.

If you don’t already have ample built in storage, add some into the room!

ClosetMaid 8996 Cubeicals Organizer, 6-Cube, White

I love these ClosetMaid shelving units so much that I have two of them!  

I use them to store books and toys in my youngest son’s bedroom and to store toys and video games in the playroom.  

We do use them very similarly to the picture here, with smaller books living in the canvas bins.  

The bins make it more visually appealing and help make full use of the vertical space.

One way to use bins successfully with kids is to use them as limit setters.  

As in, “you can keep what fits in these bins, and the rest needs to go!”   

This forces kids to keep a limited amount of stuff that you very well may consider to be junk, but they view as treasure.

Amazon Basics Collapsible Fabric Storage Cubes with Oval Grommets - 6-Pack, Trellis

These fabric bins are nice because they come in a variety of color schemes and have a built in place for a label!

Speaking of labels, use this set of printable toy labels to keep all the toys in your home, no matter where they’re stored, organized!

mDesign Deep Plastic Home Storage Organizer Bin with Built-In Handles for Cube Furniture Shelving in Office, Closet, Cabinet, Bedroom, Bathroom, Nursery, Dorm - Ligne Collection - 2 Pack - Clear

These solid plastic bins are another good option to add into a cube organizer.

Problem: Clothes everywhere

Kids do have trouble keeping their clothes picked up!

Add in ways for them to organize both their dirty, worn clothes as well as their clean clothing!

Every bedroom, especially a kid’s room, needs a hamper to manage dirty clothing.  

Each of my boys has a laundry hamper similar to this one :

Redmon For Kids pop up Hamper, Large, Black

  They are very durable and have withstood the kids hiding in them, rolling around in them and getting dragged up and down the stairs.  I really like how much the hampers hold, especially as my children grow and their clothing gets bigger!

SIXDOVE Extra Large Round Laundry Basket with Handles, Cotton Rope Woven Laundry Hamper, Decorative Storage Baskets for Toys, Blankets, Clothes in Living Room, Bedroom, Playroom, 16'' x 22'', 72L Grey

Another good option for a laundry basket is this grey and neutral tall basket.

Its neutral color palette will blend in nicely with many color schemes and grow with your child!laundry baskets,bedroom hamper,kitchen organization,GodenMoninG 62.8L Waterproof Round Cotton Linen Collapsible storage basket. (Regular Triangle)

If you prefer a different pattern, check out this laundry hamper option that comes in polka dots, floral, stripes and stars!

Clean clothing organization

If there’s space available, take advantage of the vertical space in the closet to organize clothing that’s ready to wear:

Handy Laundry Daily Activity Kids Closet Organizer, 11" X 11" X 48", Prepare & Organize a Week's Worth of Your Children's Clothing, Shoes and After School Activities, Hangs Directly on The Closet Rod

Use a hanging clothing organizer to help your child organize their rooms.  We’ve used a similar organizer in a few ways over the years.

First, we used it to store games.  The boxes slid in so nicely and it made it so that the lids stayed on and pieces didn’t fall out.

Next, we used the same organizer (I love to re-purpose organizing products in my home!) to organize clothes for the week.  

My oldest son would put his clean clothes away by putting outfits in the bin for the day of the week.  

Yes, he wore the pretty much the same thing each week, but he was taking something off of my to-do list AND there were no clothes strewn about his room.

Currently, we use it for all my oldest’s hockey clothes in his closet.  

It’s a nice way to easily separate out his athletic wear and base layers so that he can grab them quickly when it’s time for practice or a game.

If you’re now down with the primary color scheme, here’s another hanging clothing organizer option.

MAX Houser 5 Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer,Space Saver, Closet Hanging Shelves with (4) Side Pockets,Foldable,Light Grey

This organizer comes with mesh pockets to handle accessories like belts and hats.

To keep the clothing in drawers organized, I recommend adding a set of labels, especially for younger kids.

This set is also available in the Streamlined Living Shop in blue and pink!

Problem: Wrappers and other Trash Littering Up the Room

Since my oldest became a teenager, literal trash being in his room is a continual problem!

Rubbermaid Spa Works Vanity Wastebasket/Trash Bin, 9-Quart/2.25 Gallon, Clear, Small Plastic Garbage Can Fits Under Desk/Sink/Cabinet, Best Use for Home/Bathroom/Office/Laundry/Dorm Room

To truly organize kid rooms, and ensure they don’t literally become a trash heap, make sure that the room has a trash bin.  

And make sure that the bin is plastic so that it can be washed out.  

Inevitably, something sticky or gooey will be tossed into the bin (when there’s no bag in the bin, of course!) and if the bin is a nice woven bin, it’ll be difficult to clean.  Ewwwww!

iDesign Finn BPA-Free Plastic Round Waste Basket - 7.64" x 7.64" x 10", Clear

Another option is this shatter proof waste can.

My kids have cracked a few waste bins, so I should probably upgrade to this one already.

Over to you!

What is your favorite idea for keeping kid rooms organized?

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