How to Easily Organize Kid Rooms

Organizing a kid room can be a frustrating challenge, but it totally doesn't have to be! Learn the basics of what you need to keep your child's room de-cluttered and organized!


How in the world do kids collect so much stuff?  It’s like their junk multiplies at night when we’re not looking!  The volume of the possessions and the various sizes of things that there are is what is so confounding!  Trying to organize kid rooms is one of the biggest struggles my clients ask for help with.

In any kid room, the object is to get rid of the absolute junk (Happy Meal toys, prizes from school and birthday loot bag contents to name a few), keep what they need and play with, then contain what’s being kept.  This is the oversimplified, way boiled down one sentence summary of how to organize a kid room.  Which makes it seem more simple than it actually is, as anyone who has ever tried to organize kid rooms can attest!

how to organize kids rooms

Here are some specific solutions that will work to organize kid rooms and to help keep them organized and clutter free!


Problem:  The room is getting overrun with (stuffed) animals


organize stuffed animals by putting them into a bag chair

Make them into a chair!  This is a fabulous solution fro keeping the animals dust-free and turning them into a function and portable piece of furniture. Your kids will get a kick out of their animals hiding in plain sight!

organize stuffed animals by hanging them on a chair

Hang them from a chain! This is a good solution for a child with a smaller collection of animals- either in amount of size of animal.  The animals are clipped to the chain, so they can be added or removed very easily.

organize stuffed animals by hanging them up in a hammock

Put them up and away in a hammock! I like this options because it’s similar to a concept I use with my kids.  They can keep just a select few animals in their bed.  The rest have to be up and out of the way.  This options get everything up and into a corner that probably isn’t being used.  If you really don’t like the look of the hoard of animals, you can tuck it in the corner behind the door!

organize stuffed animals in a nice basket

Corral them all in a nice basket! I like baskets like these because they will grow with your child.  It would fit in to a teen’s room as well as a younger child’s room.  That’s a big plus in my book!

Problem: You want to make use of the under the bed space for storage


I think the look of these is so lovely and streamlined!  I like how the label is already included so that it’s easy to tell what’s in the drawer without pulling the whole thing out!

Prefer closed top options?

Here’s a lovely option from Ikea! I like that the side of the bin is mesh, so that you can see what’s inside easily.  It’s a must-have feature for any organizer that will live in a kid space.


under the bed storage drawer


Another closed top option is this Iris under the bed drawer.  It has a sleek look to it and it would be easy to add a label to it.


If you’re concerned about having enough clearance for any of these solutions, maybe give the bed a slight boost?

With these risers, the tops of the containers won’t be damaged if monkeys jump on the bed!


Problem: Storing lots of toys and books


how to organize toys

I love these ClosetMaid shelving units so much that I have two of them!  I use them to store books and toys in my youngest son’s bedroom and to store toys and video games in the playroom.  We do use them very similarly to the picture here, with smaller books living in the canvas bins.  The bins make it more visually appealing and help make full use of the vertical space .

Make the most of these units by putting smaller containers in them. Like these!

how to organize small toys

I also adore these Ikea bins.  They are a really good size for smaller toys and are also good for hair clips (mine, not my boys’).  These bins are also awesome because they stack up very nicely.

One way to use bins successfully with kids is to use them as limit setters.  As in, “you can keep what fits in these bins, and the rest needs to go!”   This forces kids to keep a limited amount of stuff that you very well may consider to be junk, but they view as treasure.

If you want a container that can handle bigger items, try these lovely plastic bins.

how to organize toys

I don’t own these yet, but they’re on my wish list!

Problem: Clothes everywhere


Every bedroom, especially a kid’s room, needs a hamper!  Each of my boys has this hamper from Ikea:

how to organize kids rooms  They are very durable and have withstood the kids hiding in them, rolling around in them and getting dragged up and down the stairs.  I really like how much the hampers hold, especially as my children grow and their clothing gets bigger!

Or, if there’s space available, take advantage of the vertical space in the closet:

hanging clothes organizer for kids

Use a hanging clothing organizer to help your child organize their rooms.  We’ve used a similar organizer in a few ways over the years.

First, we used it to store games.  The boxes slid in so nicely and it made it so that the lids stayed on and pieces didn’t fall out.

Next, we used the same organizer (I love to re-purpose organizing products in my home!) to organize clothes for the week.  My oldest son would put his clean clothes away by putting outfits in the bin for the day of the week.  Yes, he wore the pretty much the same thing each week, but he was taking something off of my to-do list AND there were no clothes strewn about his room.

Currently, we use it for all my oldest’s hockey clothes and extra gear.  It’s a nice way to easily separate out his athletic wear and base layers so that he can grab them quickly when it’s time for practice or a game.

Still with me?  You have time for more more problem/solution for how to organize kid rooms, right?


Problem: Wrappers and other trash are littering up the room


To truly organize kid rooms, and ensure they don’t literally become a trash heap, make sure that the room has a trash bin.  And make sure that the bin is plastic so that it can be washed out.  Inevitably, something sticky or gooey will be tossed into the bin (when there’s no bag in the bin, of course!) and if the bin is a nice woven bin, it’ll be difficult to clean.  Ew!

I like this type of bin- it’s small and comes in a variety of colors:

how to organize kids rooms

Over to you!

How’d I do with providing solutions for how to organize kid rooms?

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