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Organizing Truth Bomb: You have too much stuff to be organized

Stumped as to why you can’t get organized? It’s because you have too much stuff

Today, I’m dropping a major truth bomb on you, so brace yourself.  

Staying organized will always be a struggle if you have too much stuff.

No matter how much you try to sort and containerize, re-organize into prettier containers and install new shelves and cabinets, you will never, ever be organized because you simply have Too. Much. Crap.  

There I said it.  

It’s the truth, and deep down, you know I’m right!

No Judge Judy Judgment Here

Now, before you think I’m getting all Judgey-Judgerson on you about having too much stuff, know that I’m in the same boat too.  

My attic is constantly a hot stinkin’ mess not because I can’t organize things, but because there’s too much stuff in there:

Old books and toys that my kids have grown out of, but aren’t ready to part with yet…
…oodles of Christmas decorations and lights
…home decor projects I don’t have time or interest to complete anymore…
… and, and, and.

The list of all of the crap in there would bore you, so I’ll save you from a full inventory.

I honestly think that if my attic burned down, I wouldn’t miss most of it.  

It would kinda be a relief to be rid of the stuff.  

And the solution is…

The truth is that in order to be truly organized, you gotta part with some of your crap stuff.  

There’s just no way to organize too much stuff.  

Anyone who tells you differently is wrong or is trying to spare your feelings.

I’m such a straight shooter and can run over people’s feelings sometimes.

I’m brutally honest, to a fault, so I’m telling you like it is!  

When working with new clients, I always stress that the decision is theirs to make about what they keep or not.

When decision time comes, I gently remind them that they need to be honest about their stuff and if they’re ready to be organized, that means letting go of some of their things.

Remember this…

So the next time you’re trying to get organized, first start with paring down your stuff.

Keep only what you need, like or are using.

The rest?  

Let go of it.  

Otherwise, nothing will ever change.

If you skip this step, it’ll be just like how buying a pretty new containers doesn’t help you get any more organized than you were before.

It just doesn’t work like that.

How to Get Rid of Your Stuff

You have a few options for getting rid of your stuff.

Sell it

Need help selling your stuff?  

A garage sale usually isn’t the best way to get rid of your stuff to make money.  

Read this post for what that’s the case.  

What to do instead, you ask?  

Get this kit.

Give it Away

If you don’t want to mess with selling it, then you can give it away to friends and family.

You can also put a few items out on your tree lawn in a box marked “Good to a free home” and have neighbors pick up items they can use.

Donate it

The fastest way to get rid of your extra stuff is to donate it.

Schedule pick up with your preferred charity, or drop it off at your local donation center.

Either way, donating items means all of the items leave your house at once, making room for the next step in the organizing process!

Over to you!

So I’m curious to see if you already knew, deep down in your heart, perhaps, that the underlying problem was having too much stuff?

Or did it come as a bit of a surprise?

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