What you've always wanted to know about working with a professional organizer, but were afraid to ask! Now's not the time to be shy about learning what it's really like to work with an organizer to reach your de-cluttering and organizing goals!

What You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Working with a Professional Organizer, But Were Afraid to Ask

Fess up, there’s a few things you’ve always wanted to ask me, or another Professional Organizer, but for whatever reason, you didn’t, right?

Well, I am on to you and more than happy to answer the questions I know are on your mind.

Well, some of them at least!

What do you REALLY think of me when you see my messy house?

When I visit someone’s home, the organization (or lack thereof!) in their home doesn’t cause me to think differently about that person at all.

In fact, when I’m working in a home that is particularly disorganized, I have a great sense of empathy.

Because it is so stinking hard to live in a space that doesn’t work or is cluttered up with stuff.

I usually want to jump straight in and get their space to be functional for them!

Yes, that’s truly the first thing!

I believe that people do better when they know better (thank you Maya Angelou!).

I also believe that it’s my job to teach people so they know how to get organized and more importantly, the secret to staying organized.

Organizing Skills Are Learned, Not Bestowed at Birth

A lot of this “getting organized” stuff seems like common sense and that it’s easy to do.

Some feel like you’re either born with the skills, or you’re not.

But it isn’t that simple at all, or else everyone would have their crap together and there would be no such job title as Professional Organizer.

Being organized is harder in reality than it should be for a lot of people.

For some, it comes easier, and that’s the truth for so many things in life.

But, you’re an attorney…  You’re really not judging me?  

Being an attorney doesn’t make me judgmental.

Cause I’ve never been a judge, only an attorney- ba-dum-tssh!

But in all serious now, uhhhhhh…… nope!  I’m not judging you at all.

At the end of the day, being disorganized comes from not making decisions, both big and small.

It has nothing to do with the type of person you are.

What do you tell other people about me?


I really don’t tell people anything about you.

In fact, I don’t even mention that you’re a client unless I’ve gotten permission from you to disclose that fact.

My standard practice is that mum’s the word that you’re even a client of mine, unless I get the ok from you.

And even then, I will only say that I helped a particular client, and won’t ever delve into the specifics of what was done, said or seen.

It’s kind of like I bring my own portable Las Vegas.

What happens there, stays there!

The Ethical Code of Professional Organizers

Working with a client in their home means that I am privy to things normally not seen.

I get to go behind doors that are normally shut when guests come over.

And I often unearth items and possessions that haven’t seen the light of day in months or years because they are painful reminders  for my clients.

I take this privilege pretty seriously.

For me, this is not an opportunity to develop gossip.

Instead, it’s a chance for me to help my client move past objects that have been denying them the life they want and a home filled with the peace, function and order.

Inevitably, during the course of working with clients, I regularly come across financial and legal documents, valuable jewelry and the usual unmentionable undergarments.

On more than one occasion, I’ve found all of these things in the same kitchen drawer!

But that is the life of a Professional Organizer.

But you won’t hear me spilling the beans about any of this beyond a general manner.

Are you going to make me get rid of everything?

Nope!  Here’s the dealio.

With each of my clients, there’s a reason that I’ve been hired to do a job.

The main focus of our time together will be figuring out what you want from the space.

Then mapping out the exact steps to get it there.

And then putting the plan into action to make it all happen.

Chances are we will find somethings that you are ready to part with.

But nothing will leave unless you want it to.  I promise!

What’s your attic look like?  Lemme guess- like a page ripped out of Martha Stewart Living with gorgeous shelving and beautiful storage containers and lots and lots of labels!

I wish!

If I lived all by my lonesome and I had full control over my attic storage space, then it probably would look like that.

But since I live with three other human beings who don’t exactly share my passion for keeping things organized, it doesn’t!

Martha Stewart will not be listing my attic as a “good thing” anytime soon.

But there are labels.

Lots of them.

And one set of shelving that works fantastically.

Over to you!

How’d I do getting into your head to get to the burning questions you’ve always wanted to ask a Professional Organizer?

Pretty good, but there’s something else you have to know?

Do ask in the comments below!

Ready to get organized with me?  Great!  Contact me here to get started.

Not in the Cleveland area?  Check out my line of courses and guides to help you get organized!

what you've always wanted to know about working with a professional organizer, but were afraid to ask
what you've always wanted to know about working with a professional organizer, but were afraid to ask


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