How to Get Organized on a Budget

Looking to get organized, but on a tight budget?

You are so in the right place to get the best answers on how to transform any space into one with order and organization!

Look in any home magazine, and you might think that you have to spend a lot of money to get organized.

And I’m here to share with you that in fact, you don’t have to spend any money at all to get the same results, (admittedly in a less magazine worthy way)!

It’s true that in order to optimize an organized space, you might need to spend some money, but to just get organized, you can do that for free or totally on the cheap.

Here’s how!


Ok, circling back to the magazine example of a gorgeously organized space.

There are almost definitely going to be some drop dead gorgeous containers featured in the space.

But you don’t need fancy bins or baskets to get organized.

A lot of times, when working with clients, we use what they already own to get started.

Yes pretty containers can make a space look nicer, but they’re more like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae, rather than the ice cream that makes up of the biggest part of the treat.

Look for containers that you already have on hand.

They don’t have the be perfect, but close enough will do to begin with.

Once you know what you’re looking for, you can search out the perfect container.

But put in the work of decluttering and sorting before jumping to the containerizing stage.

Beware of cheap containers that won’t last!

I see a lot of people online recommending that folks head out to the dollar store to pick up cheap containers as a money saving solution.

But I’ll never recommend that money-saving tactic!

Why? Because in the end, the cheap comes out expensive.

You see, the quality of the bins and baskets available at dollar stores are usually quite poor.

The plastic is thin and brittle and will break in a few short years.

And quite often the shape of the containers available at the dollar store aren’t good either.

Signs of Quality Containers

Instead, look for containers with straight sides made from a sturdy plastic resin.

Not only will your items fit better without angled sides, but you’ll be able to fit more items in the container.

And there won’t be wasted space between containers on the shelves, meaning you’ll be able to fit more on the shelf.

Plus you won’t have the spend money on an additional storage unit!

Gather up your children's toys, stow them in a bin, then attach these cute printable toy organizing labels for the most organized toy room ever!


Once you have everything in containers, adding a label is an inexpensive way to maintain the organizing system.

I offer a variety of printable labels on the Streamlined Living Shop, including the popular Garage Organizing Labels.

Before dismissing labels as unnecessary, I challenge you to think a bit differently…

Labels can help you during the organizing process before you even install them!

Take the Toy Organizing labels, pictured above. These labels are a great example of how to sort toys into different categories.

Kid toys can be super overwhelming to organize because the pieces and parts seem to multiple overnight and spread themselves out everywhere!

These labels come with clearly defined categories that can help you think about how to organize your space differently.

Today's Plan Colorful Agenda Planner Inser


If you are a DIYer and need a framework to follow, then Printables are a great low-budget solution to get organized on a budget!

One of the best thing about printable organizing solutions (like Meal Planners, structured To Do Lists and Vacation Organizing Kits) is that they offer a near-instant gratification.  

Simply print ’em out, fill ’em out and voila!  You have a plan to follow that will help keep you on track.

They’re also good for getting household members in on the game of staying organized too.  

Because telekinesis isn’t a thing yet!

The most effective way to use printables is to combine them into a Home Management Binder.  

You’ll have all the information you need right at your fingertips, which is really what you need!  

The same will be true for other family members or caregivers that might need the info.  

You’ll be able to delegate and go on to the next thing on your to do list!  

Get Free Support

Have more time than money in your quest for an organized life?

Find a good Facebook Group to help you!

They’re a great source of community, support and a source for your most pressing questions about the best way to get organized.  

Come join us!

Christina Hidek, Professional Organizer and Contained Home Independent Representative

Work with a Professional Organizer

Enlisting the help of a Professional Organizer, is a fantastic way to cut through your organizing challenges and save money at the same time!

For people who don’t know where to start or how to implement systems that will actually work, hiring a Professional Organizer is the way to go.

Otherwise, you might be wasting all sorts of money on solutions that don’t end of working.

I have expertise to  pin point what’s causing your organizing issues and can map out a plan to fix them quickly and recommend good solutions that will actually fix the issues.  

From there, you can carry out the plan yourself, or you can continue to work with the me to reach your goals more quickly!

Working with me ensures that you’ll be able to achieve your organizing goal in less time and with less frustration than by going it alone!  

Not to mention that I can help avoid some costly mistakes like buying items that won’t work for you or your space.

Two Awesome Budget Organizing Resources

Although working directly with a Professional Organizer is not some expensive, unattainable service, there is a less expensive solution.

And that’s to go through the process ourself with a guide.

Here are two of my favorite solutions for common organizing roadblocks:


Paper Organizing

Paper is a common source of clutter.

I usually spend at least 6-8 hours going through accumulated paperwork with clients and then setting up a filing system.

But that usually isn’t enough to have a complete system set up and going.

Not to mention that the true backlog of paperwork hardly is dented!

So here’s my solution: For less than the cost of one hour of in person organizing services, you can have my entire paper organizing system!

The Conquer Your Paper Clutter Organizing Guide is the best way to get your paper organized without losing your mind.

The truth is that most of my clients need my hands on help for a little bit sorting out their paper and then they’re good to go. They still want my help with it, but they totally could do it on their own. Especially if they have the Conquer Your Paper Clutter Guide!

The best part is that this guide can replace the in person help I’d normally provide, but at a tiny fraction of the price!

If you struggle with paper clutter, this is the most effective and budget friendly guidance available so check it out today!

Time Management

Another big problem for just about all of my clients is that they have way too many things on their list of things to do then they ever will be able to accomplish.

This leaves them overwhelmed and in most cases, paying late fees or for duplicate items due to their disorganization.

If this rings true, then it’s time to brush up on your time management skills and put all of the overwhelm and stress behind you.

The Slay Your To Do List: 13 Steps to Become a Time Management Master is a brilliantly easy way to learn the skills you need to be more productive without pulling your hair out.

The processes so doable and you’ll see a change right away!

How to Buy the Solutions Featured in this Post

Love some of the organizing solutions featured in this post?

Here’s the easiest way to get them:

how to get organized on a budget
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