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Stylish Home Office Organization

Typical office spaces can be sooooo boring with their fluorescent lighting and muted shades or brown and grey.  

So good for you that you don’t have a typical office space to work in!  

It’s a fact that you will get more done in a space that you enjoy being in!

Here are some fantastic options that are sure to brighten up your space and add some stylish home office organization where you need it most!

Desk Top Organization

Keeping a neat and tidy desk space can be the deal maker in staying productive!

Here are some fun suggestions for making your space work better for you all while adding in some gorgeous eye candy to keep work from getting too stale!

Poppin Softie Grip Grass

I must admit that I love all things Poppin because of the fantastic colors their products come in!  

But this organizer is quite fun because it looks great and is so functional! Pens can also be corralled in the grippy grass desk organizer.  

It’s multifunctional and quite a fabulous addition to any counter or desk.  

I have one (not in this fab aqua color, though) and I love it!

The idea of putting the grip inside a box makes it look so finished and nice. I don’t currently have a set up like this, but need to change that!

Grouping things together on your desk will bring a sense of cohesion to the space.

I’m pretty sure they stacked two Poppin accessory trays together to get the color block look in the picture.

Grass Blade Pens

Want to add a plant to your office space but don’t have enough light or space?  

These silicone pens look just like a plant when you put several in a small pot.  

Super fun!

Kate Spade Acrylic Pen Cup

The sophisticated simplicity of this Kate Spade acrylic pencil cup with gold accents is just what your office space needs!  

Because it’s almost entirely clear, it won’t add visual clutter to your space.
 That will help to make your office space more inviting and a more pleasant space to work in!

Cord Management

Managing cords is certainly something every modern office space has to do. And since so many home office electronics are portable, keeping ends of chargers accessible is important!

These cable management dots from Poppin are a cute way to keep charger cords from slipping into an unreachable spot behind your desk!

If you don’t want to see unsightly cords or keep them from getting in your way, wrap them up in a sleeve!

Power strips and power blocks are eye sores as well, so hide them in a box!

Although black isn’t a super fun color, it’ll blend in well with shadows and help the ugly electronics disappear a bit.

This will leave your eye free to focus on the more fun and stylish parts of the space!

Paper Management

All home offices have paper problems!

Here are some great solutions to bring the paper under control… quickly!

Why store your files and papers in a boring metal file box?  Snag yourself one or two of these hanging file boxes to keep your space fantastically organized!  

This Honey Brown file box is gorgeous and will blend in nicely with any home office decor scheme and will make your space feel less “officey.”  

Simply a must for true home office organization!

Is portability a concern?

Check out this basket file box on wheels!

Basket style not your thing?

How about this grey fabric box instead?

I like how easy it is to add a label to the front of the box. Nice, clean lines!

Feel like you want something more traditional for a filing system?

This 3 drawer file box from Poppin is totally functional and stylish to boot!

And it comes in 9 other color schemes is aqua isn’t your thing.

Now, inside the file box is no place to quit being so stylish!

Add in a set of fun file folders!

This tropical themed set is nice if you like a lot of different patterns.

I like more cohesive colors for file folders, so this set caught my eye!

Prefer hanging files instead?

These folders are pretty cute!

This geometric set of having file folders has a softer color palette.

This diverse set of hanging file folders is a little more colorful, but not over the top bold!

Bottom line, no matter which set you choose, you’ll want to file everyday to see these gorgeous folders!

Small Paper Management: Notes + Cards

Are you a big note taker like I am?

I’ve fund that I’m less likely to forget something and more likely to do it if I write it down.

But having notes everywhere isn’t the answer!

Instead, the key is to keep them all organized!

I love the look of this Moroccan-circle inspired cork board.

It’s so pretty to look at and I’ll bet you’d want to keep it mostly cleared off to see the fun print!

Bonus motivations to take care of the things you’re making notes to do!

This next wall organizer gives you 4 different functions in one: free form notes, monthly calendar, weekly calendar and a cork board!

I like the versatility of the options this set provides and the fun gold confetti too!

Umbra Pushpin Paper Clip Set

These pushpins are an awesome way to arrange items on your bulletin board.  Decorate your space with photos or keep business cards and notes close at hand!

Print Binder Clips

Why use boring black binder clips when you can use these little beauties instead?  These cute clips are so pretty and will be a big help organizing papers in your home or office!

Managing business cards and store loyalty cards is a struggle!

But this card book takes care of this problem!

I really like the sleek look and the bright aqua color!

Keep your space clean from waste paper

Another function you should add to your home office is a way to deal with papers at the end of their life.

First, have a way to destroy sensitive information on papers.

Shredding is the fastest way to make that happen, but I’ve yet to meet a stylish paper shredder.

Look for good paper shredding options in this post!

Having a stylish room comes down to the little details, so don’t overlook something as minor as a waste receptacle!

Here are some pretty options:

This metallic look recycling or waste bin from Umbra is making my heart do a little pitter patter with delight!

I’ve seen this bin in person and it is every bit of gorgeous as in this picture. Probably more so, actually!

This modern 2 gallon blush color bin will tuck nicely into any small spot.

Love the clean lines!

One last option for you because I can’t tell you how many home office spaces I’ve been in that didn’t have a recycling or waste bin in them!

This is another option from Umbra and it holds 2.4 gallons and is tall and skinny for tight places.

Over to you!

Hope you enjoyed this round up of stylish home office organization options!

Which one is your favorite idea?

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