What every home office needs to be stylishly organized! Having order and systems in place in your office space doesn't have to be boring! Add some flair to your workspace with these great picks!

Typical office spaces can be sooooo boring with their fluorescent lighting and muted shades or brown and grey.  So good for you that you don’t have a typical office space to work in!  It’s a fact that you will get more done in a space that you enjoy being in!

how to organize a home office

Here are some fantastic options that are sure to brighten up your space and add some stylish home office organization!


Selenine Wall Pops Dry Erase Decals

These dry erase wall decals are so fun and add not only pops of color to any space, but also are super functional since you can jot down notes on them too!

poppin softie grass aqua desk organizer

Poppin Softie Grip Grass

I must admit that I love all things Poppin because of the fantastic colors their products come in!  But this organizer is quite fun because it looks great and is so functional! Pens can also be corralled in the grippy grass desk organizer.  It’s multifunctional and quite a fabulous addition to any counter or desk.  I have one (not in this fab aqua color, though) and I love it!

pens that look like grass

Grass Blade Pens

Want to add a plant to your office space but don’t have enough light or space?  These silicone pens look just like a plant when you put several in a small pot.  Super fun addition to any office space!

Kate Spade Acrylic Gold Pencil Cup

Kate Spade Acrylic Pen Cup

The sophisticated simplicity of this Kate Spade acrylic pencil cup with gold accents is just what your office space needs!  Because it’s almost entirely clear, it won’t add visual clutter to your space.  That will help to make your office space more inviting and a more pleasant space to work in!

woven hanging file box

Basket Style File Box

Why store your files and papers in a boring metal file box?  Snag yourself one or two of these hanging file boxes to keep your space fantastically organized!  Plus, the style of these file boxes will blend into any decor and will make your space feel less “officey.”  Simply a must for true home office organization!

Anna Griffin Ikat File Folders

Anna Griffin Ikat File Folders

These beautiful Anna Griffin Ikat file folders are sure to help you keep your office space organized!  You’ll want to file everyday to see these gorgeous ikat print folders!

Umbra push pin paper clip photo display set

Umbra Pushpin Paper Clip Set

These pushpins are an awesome way to arrange items on your bulletin board.  Decorate your space with photos or keep business cards and notes close at hand!

Anna Griffin Note Mousepad

Anna Griffin Geofabulous Note Mousepad

Because there are already lines, you won’t feel bad taking notes on this gorgeous notepad that also doubles as a mousepad!  Anna Griffin has done it again with a colorful pattern that will add a pop of fun to your office space!  Her designs are so fun and colorful!

patterned binder clips for office supplies

Print Binder Clips

Why use boring black binder clips when you can use these little beauties instead?  These cute clips are so pretty and will be a big help organizing papers in your home or office!

Kate Spade trinket dish

Kate Spade Trinket Dish

Keep everything where is belongs in tis super fab trinket dish.  Appropriately it has “in the right place” printed in the center as a gentle reminder!  Great way to keep your workspace clear of odds and ends that accumulate.

Hope you enjoyed this round up of stylish home office organization options!

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