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Roadblocks To Answer “Why Can’t I Get Organized”?

Why is it so stinkin’ hard to get organized?

Most of my clients have a bunch of different reasons they can readily blurt out to answer this question.

Which is actually a good thing because being aware of what’s causing the problem is part of the solution.

And some are pretty easy fixes once you’d zeroed in on the issue.  

So let’s dive into this question and explore what’s holding you up from having an orderly and organized space you love.

Here are five reasons (a.k.a. roadblocks) that answer “why can’t I get organized” and what to do about it:

Roadblock #1: It’s overwhelming!

The is the most common reason I hear about why people think they can’t get organized.

Being overwhelmed is a frustrating experience, but pretty normal. It can surface from not knowing what to do next and being generally unclear on the exact steps to take to get to the end goal.

Quite often the overwhelm turns into inaction, which just compounds the problem because stuff piles up into unmanageable mountains in a hurry, making the situation even more unbearable and overwhelming.  


The solution to getting past overwhelm is to take action.

Not big action, mind you.

And consistent action is best.

It’s kinda like eating an elephant.

I know that’s gross thing to think about, but hang with me here for a bit.

The reason I use this as an example is that the elephant is an absolutely huge animal.

It’s sheer size makes it seem almost impossible, like you shouldn’t even try.

But bite by bite, you’ll make progress towards the goal.

Don’t let this roadblock stop you in your tracks.

Break down an organizing project into smaller tasks.  

Is your kitchen bursting at the seams?  

If you kitchen is a hot mess and you have no earthly idea how to tackle it, start with the dishes in the sink.

Give those a scrub or load them into the dishwasher, then start on the adjacent counters.

Then keep fanning out on either side of the sink and keep going.

Slowly, but surely, you’ll being to whip the kitchen into shape and you’ll be able to see the progress as you go.

Can’t see your desk?  

Clear off the top and give yourself some room to work, then dig into the drawers and shelves.

The key is just to start.  

There’s no perfect place to begin and it’s most important that you get going.

Suggested resource

365 Days to an Organized Your Organizing Calendar pages splayed out on an angle with teal cover on top against white background

Get a copy of this daily home organizing calendar: 365 Days to an Organized You.

You’ll get small action steps that’ll help you form healthy organizing habits and systems without you really noticing or having to think about it too much.

By taking action on the daily, you’ll drive forward progress towards and organized life!

Roadblock #2: You’d rather be doing something else

Wouldn’t we all prefer to do something besides clean out the laundry room cabinets that will no longer close because they’re stuffed full?

Sure, but you’re getting in your won way when you procrastinate because the time to take care of something might not come for a long while, or ever.

And when that time does roll around again, you’ll only spend even more time than if you’d just done it the first time.

And I don’t know about you, but I often regret it when I have to spend more time later looking for a misplaced item.  

Solution: Time to put on your big girl pants and do it now!  

If if you set it aside for later, it’ll just take you even more time to do.

My general rule is that if something will take two minutes or less to do, you should just go ahead and get it done.

Put off for later, that task may take much longer to do, sometimes double or more, not the mention the mental stress it adds of knowing that the task is looming out there waiting!

Trick to make it easier

Everything is easier when it’s turned into a game!

Play the Timer Game to get some much needed motivation and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much progress you can make in so little time!

Crush Clutter With the Timer Game

Roadblock #3: Not making it a priority

Another way clients tend to get in their own way is that they say they want to get organized, but they don’t do what it takes to make it a priority in order for that to happen.

Getting organized involves not only taking action, but carving out specific time to take the action and then actually doing it during that time.

Solution: Figure out a time for everything you want to do.

Not globally, but each day, figure out the block of time where you’ll sort through the mail or do the dishes, or go through your craft collection to weed out what you no longer want.

Taking things one day at a time can drastically increase the odds of you accomplishing your organizing to do list because there’s a time certain too meet your goals.

If you don’t select a specific time, then it’s unlikely that you’ll think to do it in the moment, nor will the time ever just appear on its own.

It’s something you have to make happen rather than wait to happen.

I have my most productive days when I plan the night before exactly what I’ll do.

Roadblock #4: I don’t have time to get organized

Thinking you don’t have time is pretty self-defeating and can become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Like I mentioned in the last roadblock, you have to carve the time out and if you don’t, then it’s not actually a priority.

Harsh, but true!

Another truth is that more free time is probably not on the horizon unless you make getting organized a priority because of this fun fact…

Did you know that a typical adult loses at least an hour a day to disorganization?  

That adds up to about 2 weeks a year!  

Crazy town how much time is lost to disorganization, right?

Luckily, you don’t have to let it be that way.

Solution: Reclaim that time right now!  

In fact, you’re too busy to not have an organized life.

Spend 15 minutes a day decluttering and putting things back in their home.  

If items don’t have a home, establish one.

Consult the 365 Days to an Organized You calendar for more help with this.

Roadblock #5: You don’t think you’re good at organizing

Maybe you’re not Marie Kondo level organizing talented, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to improve your skill set.

Think back to when you were first learning to cook boxed macaroni and cheese.

I’ll bet you didn’t know how important setting a timer was, and you ended up overcooking the pasta, resulting in an inedible cheesy paste.

But now you know probably how to make Mac and Cheese from scratch.

That’s all from the trial and error, plus practice.

The same thing needs to happen with organizing!

Solution:  Try changing your approach and find a way around this roadblock by committing to learning how to organize:

Sign up for my emails. tick with me and you’ll have a deeper skill set in no time!

Get a resource that will most help you, whether it’s learning how to manage your time better or how to organize your bathroom from top to bottom.

Better yet, work with me!  If you’re in the Cleveland area, let’s make a date.  

Let’s knock out your roadblocks together!h

Over to you!

Now that you know what’s getting in your way of getting organized, do you feel better positioned to take action?

I sure hope so.

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