How to Have the Most Productive Day Ever

Super productive days always make me feel like Wonder Woman at the end of the day.  

And who doesn’t want to feel like that?  

It is possible to tweak your time management habits to be more productive and get tons done each day!

Just follow my same steps to have the same results and the most productive day.  

Here’s the productive day plan you can use whenever you have a ton to do!

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Each night, make a plan.

But don’t make a mile- long list.

Instead, make a short list of just what you need to get done.

This means your list should have no more than 10 things on it.

Because anything more than that is probably not realistic.

And having too much on your list that goes unfinished mean you’ll not feel successful.

Also make sure the items on your list are things you actually can do,

Without help from anyone who may be unavailable.

Being realistic and planning to do things you can actually finish are the building blocks for a successful day.

Up and at ’em

There’s a reason why the early bird gets the worm.

The bird has more time to get the worm!

So be like the bird and get up early for the most productive day.

Sleeping in may be nice, but not for days when you really need to get stuff done.

Trust me, it’ll be worth it when you don’t have to do items left undone at the end of the day.

Eat Breakfast

After getting an early start, the next thing you should do is eat breakfast.

Without having some fuel to get you going, you’ll be distracted, and therefore less productive.

So eat a little something to make staying focused on your tasks.

Check In

Throughout the day, make sure to revisit your To Do list.

These check-ins let you monitor your progress and figure out what to do next.

They also lessen the possibility of getting distracted by a shiny object and off task, because the remaining tasks on your list will be top of mind!


At the end of the day, assess how you did.

Doing this will help you become a better planner.

And in turn, that’ll help you have more productive days!

I remember this once day where I followed my own advice and had such a productive day, I felt fantastic!

In fact, in the end, I got way more done than I thought I would.

More than just the ten things on my list.  

And no, I didn’t count!

So this process will work, but you need to follow the steps.

Over to you!

And now, my friend, you know exactly what to do too!  

No magic necessary.  

Just plan, do and stay focused!

Need more help?

Looking to add in even more productivity to your life?

A few resources for you to consider…

First, this mini lesson on how to be more productive is just the tip of the guidance you’ll need to drastically boost your productivity and time management skills.

Slay Your To Do List is a comprehensive self-paced course that teaches you how to hone your time management skills like no other.

The second resource is for planner and list making lovers: the Home Management Binder Bundle.

All of the resources in this printable resource have been designed to help you streamlined your life and home.

The binder introduces a whole bunch of organizational systems that are easy to implement!

From time management, to meal planning, and financial planning, there’s a specific resource inside.

The final resource is the super cute printable planning page featured in the post.

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