The One Thing Keeping You From Getting Organized

There’s one thing that is keeping you disorganized.  

And it’s CLUTTER.  

Read on for exactly why this is and also for a simple 4 step solution for overcoming this nasty beast and getting organized!

Clutter.  Even the word sounds so completely unappealing.  

But let’s face it – everyone has some sort of clutter in their lives.  

Even the most pulled together person you know has a junk drawer so stuffed they have to push items down to open or close it.  

In full disclosure, I actually do not have one of these drawers (not a shocker, right?), but my attic is not as organized as I’d like it to be.

I believe the modern day of “Keeping up with the Jones” is keeping up appearances that everyone has their act together.  

In order to keep up appearances, we close messy guest room doors when company is coming over and carefully guide visitors through our homes so the dirty little secret isn’t discovered.  

If we all just fessed up that we’re not as organized as we’d like to be, it’d be nothing less than freeing!

To overcome clutter, you have to be purposeful and honest and be ready for change.  

These are all hard things, but completely necessary because getting organized is as much about the physical clutter as the mental clutter.

Here are 4 easy steps you can take right now to conquer clutter to begin the process of getting organized:

1.  Make decisions

There’s so much wrapped up with clutter that folks get hung up on, but the truth is, as I’ve said so many times before, that clutter is no more than a delayed decision.

So instead of checking your email and browsing through the new messages, but not responding or dealing with any of them, check your email when you have time to respond and actually deal with whatever has come in.

Do it and cut down on the clutter.


2.  Find a place for everything

The place should make sense.  

Put like with like in an area where you’re most likely to use the item.  A counter never counts as a place.  

Counters are temporary transition spaces that should never serve as a permanent home for anything, except maybe a few select often used kitchen items.  

Same with coffee tables or any other flat surface for that matter.  

The second something is set down on a flat surface, it becomes clutter.

3.  Put everything away

If you can’t find a place for something, either you have too much stuff or you might need an organizing buddy (me!) to help you re-think your space.  

I never promote the idea of paid storage places.  

I see that as a waste of money, since you are really just paying for your delayed decision.

4.  Repeat Steps 1, 2 & 3

Another secret to getting AND staying organized is like shampooing your hair – rinse and repeat.  

Annoyingly simple in theory, but often annoyingly frustrating in reality.

Need more help?

If you need a jumpstart getting rid of clutter, then a daily tip for every day of the year is just what is called for!

The Daily Home Organizing Calendar is a perpetual calendar of organizing goodness.

A daily action to take each day will bring you closer to an organized home each and every day.

Forget about complicated plans.

Do the day’s task and you’ll be well on your way!

Over to you!

Did this post resonate with you as you focus on getting organized?  Let’s chat about it below!

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