8 Simple Holiday Organizing Tips to Save Your Sanity

Here are my top 8 tips for a more organized holiday season

Time is short, and I’m cutting right to the chase… in no particular order, here are my top eight tips to survive the holidays by being organized (aka holiday organizing tips):

1.  Make a list.

Write down everything that’s on your mental to do list, and especially anything you’re afraid you’ll forget. 

Writing it down will stop your mind from racing with worry about not remembering. 

You’ll also have a road map of exactly what needs to be done when your list contains specific action steps like “buy craft kit at Michael’s” instead of general statements like “buy present for niece.”

My printable Christmas planner has specific page inserts designed to help you keep track of all holiday happenings!

2.  Don’t wait until the last minute.

Time is always short during the holidays and if too much is put off until the last minute, there may not be time to get everything done. 

Get your To Do list items done early and don’t aim for just in time.

3.  Just say no.

Don’t give out your phone number, zip code or email address at the register if you can avoid it. 

Merchants often use the information you provide for mailing lists to send you junk mail

Save your future self time spent getting off mailing lists or sorting through extra mail by declining to provide the info right now.

4.  Be realistic.

You only have so much time, and you need to be honest with yourself (and others) about what you can realistically do, attend or accomplish during the holiday season. 

Be realistic and smart about how you use your time.

Likewise, don’t over plan your days. 

You’ll thank yourself when your holidays are less hectic.

5.  Get into Clutter-free gifting.

Buy gifts that don’t contribute to clutter for others. 

Gifts of experiences or things that can be consumed make for wonderful gifts. 

Think Botanical Garden or Zoo memberships or a bottle of wine paired with chocolates.

6.  Meal plan.

Avoid hunger meltdowns of relatives young and old when you know what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Plan not only the day of the holiday, but also the days before when schedules are busy.

7.  Play my timer game.

Spend 15 minutes each night decluttering your home and putting things away. 

Don’t stop until the time is up.

You’ll be amazed how much you can do in a short amount of time!

8.  Subscribe to my newsletter.

I send it once a week at most and it’s always filled with awesome organizing tips and strategies.  

You’ll also get access to some other fantastic resources!

Summing it all up!

Don’t you agree that these steps are all simple and easy to do?  

These holiday organizing tips are too good to keep to yourself, so share it with a friend who needs to hear this!  

They’ll love you more than they already do.

Oh, and I’ll be eternally grateful too!

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