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Simplify Your Season: 8 Practical Holiday Organizing Tips

As the holiday season approaches, the excitement and joy of celebrations can quickly turn into stress and chaos without proper planning and organization.

From decking the halls to hosting festive gatherings, the demands of the season can sometimes feel overwhelming.

In the spirit of making your holidays as enjoyable and stress-free as possible, we’ve gathered eight simple yet highly effective organizing tips to save your sanity.

In this blog post, we’ll explore practical strategies that will not only help you stay on top of your holiday to-do list but also create a serene and harmonious atmosphere for you and your loved ones.

Whether you’re a seasoned holiday enthusiast or a newcomer to the seasonal hustle and bustle, these tips will provide you with the tools and inspiration to navigate the holidays with ease.

So, grab a cup of cocoa, sit back, and let’s dive into eight ingenious holiday organizing tips that will not only preserve your sanity but also leave you with more time to savor the magic of the season.

From smart storage solutions to stress-free event planning, we’ve got you covered.
Let the holiday preparations begin!

Here are my top eight tips to survive the holidays by being organized (aka holiday organizing tips):

1.  Make a List

Write down everything that’s on your mental to do list, and especially anything you’re afraid you’ll forget. 
Writing it down will stop your mind from racing with worry about not remembering. 

You’ll also have a road map of exactly what needs to be done when your list contains specific action steps like “buy craft kit at Michael’s” instead of general statements like “buy present for niece.”

My printable Christmas planner has specific page inserts designed to help you keep track of all holiday happenings!

2.  Don’t Procrastinate

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, time is a precious commodity that often slips through our fingers faster than melting snowflakes.

It’s easy to give into to the temptation of procrastination, but as the saying goes, “Time waits for no one.”

This holds especially true during this festive period, where the demands on our schedules seem to multiply like Santa’s workshop elves.

The key to a stress-free holiday experience lies in preparing early.

Picture this: a serene December evening, the glow of holiday lights casting a warm ambiance, and you, with your feet up, sipping hot cocoa, knowing that your tasks are already completed.

This can be you when you when you get things done early and not “just in time.”

So dust off that holiday planner, set deadlines for your to do list tasks, and watch as the magic of being the early bird transforms your holiday experience!

3.  Just Say No

Don’t give out your phone number, zip code or email address at the register if you can avoid it. 

While it may seem harmless, handing over this information can open the floodgates to a deluge of unwanted junk mail and promotional emails.

In the spirit of safeguarding your privacy and saving your future self from the tedious task of managing a barrage of unwanted communications, it’s smart to decline to give the information.

To save your future self the hassle of navigating through stacks of unwanted mail or incessant email notifications, consider politely declining these information requests at the register.

It’s a small step that can make a significant difference in preserving your privacy and maintaining a clutter-free communication space.

4.  Be Realistic about Time

Being smart about how you allocate your time involves making conscious choices that align with your priorities and your actual available time.

Instead of succumbing to the pressure of saying “yes” to every invitation or overloading your schedule, take a beat to check your schedule and see what actually fits and makes sense.

Likewise, resist the urge to over plan your days.

A packed schedule to fit everything in may seem like a good idea in theory, but the reality often involves rushing from one event to the next, leaving little room for relaxation and enjoyment.

By strategically planning your time and leaving breathing space in your schedule, you’ll find yourself better able to enjoy the season.

5.  Get into Clutter-Free Gifting

Buy gifts that don’t contribute to clutter for others. 

Gifts of experiences or things that can be consumed make for wonderful gifts. 

Think Botanical Garden or Zoo memberships or a bottle of wine paired with chocolates.

6.  Meal Plan for the Holiday Season

Nothing adds chaos to the holiday season like realizing you forgot to defrost the turkey or that you’re missing a crucial ingredient for your famous stuffing.

Take a moment to plan your meals in advance.

Create a menu, make a shopping list, and double-check your pantry to ensure you have everything you need.

This way, you won’t find yourself making a last-minute dash to the grocery store on Christmas Eve.

Avoid hunger meltdowns of relatives young and old when you know what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Plan not only the day of the holiday, but also the days before when schedules are busy to keep everyone fed and happy.

7.  Declutter on the Regular

Spend 15 minutes each night playing my decluttering game to keep your home tidy.

The beauty of this decluttering game lies in its simplicity and consistency.

Rather than facing the overwhelming prospect of a marathon cleaning session, breaking it down into manageable increments makes the task more approachable.

Whether it’s clearing out a drawer, organizing a shelf, or tackling a pile of mail, these small, focused efforts add up over time, resulting in a home that stays organized and clutter-free.

By incorporating this nightly routine into your holiday preparations, you not only create a more pleasant living environment but also set the stage for stress-free celebrations.

Think of the joy of waking up to an uncluttered home, free from the visual noise that can accompany the holiday season.

Plus, the sense of accomplishment that comes with each 15-minute session will motivate you to keep the momentum going.

8.  Stay in the Loop

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Over to you!

Wishing you the best and most enjoyable holiday season!

Hope these holiday organizing tips inspire you to welcome in more organization and systems into your life so you can take full advantage of the season’s possibilities.

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