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The Best Way to Organize Cookie Cutters: Baking Organization

For bakers, cookie cutters can bring a smile to your face faster than a plate of freshly baked goodness.

But that adorable collection can quickly turn into a tangled mess in your drawer.

Fear not, fellow baking enthusiasts!

With a few simple strategies, you can transform your cookie cutter chaos into an organized system of sweet satisfaction.

Let’s get right to it!

Gather All Cookie Cutters

First things first, gather your entire cookie cutter collection together in one location.

Empty drawers, rummage through cabinets – leave no cutter left behind!

This initial excavation helps you assess the full scope of your collection and identify any duplicates (because let’s be honest, who needs three gingerbread men?).

Sort and Categorize

Now comes the fun part: sorting!

Here’s where you get to unleash your inner organizer.

Here are some popular categorization methods:

  • By Season/Holiday: Group together holiday cutters like Halloween bats with spooky ghosts, and Christmas trees with jolly Santas.

    Separating out the specific holidays is a smart choice that lets you store the cutters smartly.

    More on that in a bit.
  • By Theme: Animals, vehicles, alphabet letters – the possibilities are endless!

    Think about how you actually use the cookie cutters and group them together.

    Drill down into sub categories like Safari or Under the Sea if the main category is unwieldy.
  • By Size: This is especially helpful if you have a mix of large and small cutters in the same category.

Resist the urge to create a “miscellaneous” bin – that’s the path to future chaos. 

Start by laying out all your cookie cutters on a large surface.

This will give you a clear view of what you have and this step is crucial if you have a lot of cookie cutter.

Categorizing helps you decide on the best storage solution and makes it easier to find what you need.

Because digging through a storage container to find the right cookie cutter is frustrating and zaps the fun out of cookie baking.

As you sort, be honest with yourself. Are there any cookie cutters you just don’t use anymore? Don’t be afraid to pass along to a friend or donate to a charity.

A smaller, more manageable collection is easier to keep organized and will spark more baking joy in the long run.

Choose the Right Storage Solution

Once categorized, it’s time to pick the perfect storage solution for your cookie cutter collection.

Here are some popular options:

Kitchen Drawer

Lifewit 5 Pack Drawer Dividers Plastic 4" High, 11-17" Adjustable Drawer Organizers for Clothes, Expandable Dresser Separators in Bedroom/Bathroom/Kitchen/Fridge/Office Organization and Storage

If you have a spare kitchen drawer, use drawer dividers to create sections for different categories of cookie cutters.

This method keeps cutters flat and prevents them from getting bent or damaged.

This method of storing cookie cutters is ideal for bakers who are baking on the regular (think weekly) or huge kitchens with lots and lots of drawer space.

If neither situation applies to you, you’ll want to consider an alternative cookie cutter storage solution.

FLONSA 16" x 24" Pegboard - Pegboard Wall Organizer Includes 2 Peg Boards, 10Pegboard Hooks, 4Pegboard Bin, Easy Install for Kitchen, Craft Room,(2Pack,Green)

Pegboards and Hooks

For those with available kitchen wall space or the back of a kitchen cabinet door, a pegboard is a creative way to display and organize cookie cutters.

Attach hooks to the pegboard and hang the cutters by category.

Consider hanging similarly shaped cutters on the same hook.

This will save space on the pegboard, allowing more cutters to fit, as well as make finding all of one type of cookie cutter, say circles for example, easier.

This method makes them easy to find and adds a decorative element to your kitchen.

If you bake a lot with the same cookie cutter shape, consider hanging those frequent flyers on a pegboard mounted inside a cabinet door for easy access.

Transparent Bins and Containers

Transparent plastic bins or containers with lids are ideal for grouping cookie cutter categories together.

ArtBin 6912AB Essentials One-Compartment 12" x 12" Box, Art & Craft Organizer, [1] Plastic Storage Case, Clear, 14.125" x 13.625" x 3"

Opt for stackable clear containers like these Iris cases to maximize space.

BTSKY Clear Plastic Storage Box with Flap Lid, Multipurpose Craft Organizers and Storage Box Art Supply Storage Organizer Plastic Sewing Box for Beads Pencils Notebooks, 2 Pack Medium

Use a smaller case for a smaller category of cutters.

If you have the height, you can stand the cases on the side and stack next to one another like books.

IRIS USA 6 Qt Clear Storage Box, BPA-Free Plastic Stackable Bin with Lid, Containers to Organize Shoes and Closet Shelves, Classroom Organization Teacher Tools, Game Storage, 20 Pack

Storage containers that are about the size of shoe boxes are a great size and shape to hold a bunch of cookie cutters in a relatively compact space.

IRIS USA 6 Quart Large Clip Box, 4 Pack, Clear Plastic Storage Container Bins with Latching Lids, Organizing Container for Home, Office and School Supplies, Stackable, Seafoam Blue Buckles

If you have a large collection of cookie cutters, like the small shapes that can be used for cookie cutters or fondant shapes, this set of shallow storage boxes is perfect sized.

Snapware Snap 'N Stack Portable Storage Bin for Tools and Craft, 14.1 x 10.5-Inch Clear BPA-Free Container, Tool Box with Stackable Trays, Microwave, Freezer and Dishwasher Safe

This storage container could also double as a a way to transport cookies when needed.

Glass Jar

Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill 1 Gallon Glass Jar with Lid, Set of 2

For those who see their cookie cutters as part of their decor, consider displaying them in a lidded glass jar.

This not only makes the cookie cutters easily accessible but also adds a unique touch to your kitchen décor.

Storage Drawers

mDesign Plastic Stackable Closet Storage with Pull Out Bin Organizer Drawer for Cabinet, Desk, Shelf, Cupboard, or Cabinet Organization - Lumiere Collection - 4 Pack - Clear

If you’re luck enough to have a large pantry with ample shelving, storage drawers just might be the perfect solution to store different categories of cookie cutters.

There are different sizes and shapes of stackable drawer units that’ll accommodate your cutter collection:

mDesign Plastic Pantry Organization and Storage Bin w/ Pull Out Drawer - Shallow Stackable Kitchen Supplies Storage Container for Organizing Cabinet, Fridge, Freezer, Lumiere Collection, 2 Pack, Clear

This drawer set is a little more shallow, but wider, making it perfect for smaller cookie cutters.

mDesign Plastic Stackable Bathroom Storage Organizer Bin Containers with Front Pull Drawer for Bathroom Countertop, Vanity, Closet Shelves - Holder for Accessories - Lumiere Collection, 2 Pack, Clear

And this storage drawer set is a bit taller, allowing room to store more in the drawer.

Decorative Tins

BSTKEY 2 Pack Cookie Tins, Cookie Snack Jars with Lid, Decorative Candy Canister, Baking Gift Tins Cute Countertop Tinplate Box for Storing Patisseries, Puff Pastries Craft Supplies, 2 Sizes

Functional and stylish, decorative cookie tins add a touch of whimsy to your kitchen and a hidden in plain sight storage option for your cookie cutters.

Decorae Black Chalkboard Cookie Tins (Set of 2); Round Baking and Cake Tins for Special Occasion and Holiday, 7.75- Inch wide by 3.6-Inch Tall

This blackboard style set of cookie tins is pretty fun!

Kate Spade New York Decorative Tins with Lids, 3 Piece Nesting Tins, Small Medium & Large Metal Cookie Tins, Christmas Cookie Containers, Tins for Gift Giving and Storage, Save Some Room

This set of three Kate Spade nesting cookie tins is perfect for storing Christmas cookie cutters.

Ziplock bags

Zip-top bags are great for storing smaller cookie cutters that might otherwise get lost in the mix or fall to the bottom of a storage bin.

Choose a Storage Location

Once you’ve chosen your storage method, decide where the system will live.

Think about how you use your cookie cutters.

Do you bake for holidays?

Store those seasonal bins within easy reach during those times.

Everyday shapes?

Maybe a lower drawer is perfect.

You really can mix the different storage solutions for a custom system that works for you and how you bake.

Label Everything

Brother P-Touch PT-D210 Label Maker Value Bundle Includes 4 Label Tapes, Easy-to-Use, Home and Office Organization, White

Labeling is key to maintaining organization, especially when it comes to cookie cutters.

MT Solids Washi Paper Masking Tape, 3/5" x 33', Matte White (MT01P208R)

A label maker is your friend, but even a bit of washi tape and your best handwriting will do the trick.

Sometimes it’s super hard to tell what a particular shape will yield, so consider adding a tag to help identify the shape.

BEADNOVA Tree Tags Plastic Plant Labels Wrap Around Hanging Tags Tree Markers Signs Plant Tags Nursery Tags for Plants Garden (120Pcs, White)

These white tags are actually meant to label plants and trees at nurseries, but will work perfectly to identify cookie cutters.

They’re easy to slip on and off and are permanent marker friendly.

The bottom line is that whether you’re using bins, drawers, or hanging solutions, clearly named labels help you quickly locate the cutter you need.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good label!

If you’ve opted to store the cookie cutters in one or more containers, clearly mark them with the category name.

This saves you precious time rummaging through your collection and prevents frustration.

Maintain the System

The key to long-lasting organization for your cookie cutter collection is consistency.

Use the system you’ve set up and return the cookie cutters to their designated spot after each baking session.

Resist the urge to sweep the cutters into a drawer to put away later.

Putting the cookie cutters away properly ensures your system stays working and you’re always prepared for your next cookie-creating conquest.

Also, regularly go through your collection to remove any that are damaged or no longer needed.

Maybe you’ve used a particular cutter a lot and it’s no longer fun to bake with or decorate.

Pass it along to a fellow baking friend so they can get some joy from using it.

Over to you!

Organizing your cookie cutters doesn’t have to be a chore and really is a quick home organizing project that’ll make baking even more fun.

With the right storage solution and a bit of creativity, you can turn your collection into an organized, efficient, and even decorative part of your baking routine.

By following these simple steps, you can transform your cookie cutter collection from a disorganized jumble to a delightful and functional baking buddy.

Now, go forth and bake with confidence, knowing your cookie cutters are ready to join the fun whenever inspiration strikes!

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