Like most women, I love jewelry and accessories.  But if you’ve met me in person, you probably wouldn’t think that because I hardly ever wear much jewelry.  Why?  Because my system for organizing jewelry was bad.  I couldn’t actually see most of what I owned, so I didn’t wear it!


One night (this accounts for the poor lighting in most of the pictures), I decided to change up my system and get my jewelry organized so that I would wear it! But Target was closed, so I had to make due with what I already had in my house.  So this was a zero cost re-org project, but not one that you’ll see grace the inside pages of Better Homes and Gardens.

I keep most of my jewelry in the top drawer of my dresser, along with some other accessory pieces like scarves, headbands and other hair accessories (The majority of my earrings are displayed in an antique printer’s drawer on my bedroom wall (see above!)).  This is the before picture.



A mess, right?  When getting ready in the morning, I didn’t have time to dig through my stash to see what I wanted to wear because it was a jumbled up pile and too messy to sort through.


Take everything out

First step to getting this drawer organized was to take everything out.

I used parts from a jewelry box to corral smaller items.  The box on the top is divided into quadrants and is perfect for smaller necklaces, bracelets and pins.  The box on the bottom is actually for rings, but I’ve found it useful to put smaller earrings neatly in rows.


The next addition to the drawer was the top of a jewelry stand bar.  I found this piece at a craft store and unscrewed it from the base so that it would fit in the drawer.  I like to store some of my chunkier bracelets on the bar.  They stay in place well and I can see them all.


I used the bottom of a scarf box to keep some keepsake items in.  I probably won’t wear these times, but I want to keep them and be able to look at them every once in a while.  They make me smile because they all used to belong to a few different family members, some of them who have passed on.  It makes me smile to see these pieces.


I used the top of the scarf box to organize some of my chunkier statement necklaces.


Next, I added the bottom scarf box and fit my stack of scarves behind the bracelet bar.

To finish up, I nested the top scarf box onto of the sentimental scarf box and topped those two boxes with a third box that held hair accessories and headbands.  I added smaller scaled necklaces to the drawer, lining them up one right next to the other.  I tucked the little bags and pouches that I use to hold jewelry while traveling in the back, right next to my “vintage” Caboodle, which has some small pieces of sentimental jewelry.  And voila!  What a difference, don’t you think?  It is so nice to be able to see everything and have this drawer so nicely organized!


The only thing I don’t like about how this drawer is organized is that I haven’t left myself any room for growth.  And its pretty much a given that I will make some additions to my jewelry stash.  When that time comes, I’ll have to tweak this system once again.

Update: I’ve upgraded this drawer with some really pretty acrylic trays.  You can find similar trays here. (affiliate link, but know that I  keep my reader’s best interests in mind and only recommend products I use/love).


Moral of the organizing jewelry story

Get your jewelry out of tiny boxes and into larger containers that you can actually see.  Yes, the jeweler’s boxes are pretty, but you can’t see through them!  Use what you have, but only if it works!