9 Reasons Why Your Home Always Looks Cluttered

9 Reasons Your House Always Looks Cluttered

Are you struggling to get your home organized, but feel that no matter what you do, it still looks cluttered?

There’s a good reason for that.

Nine good reasons, in fact.

I see most of this issues in almost every one of my clients’ homes when I first visit.

Read on to see where clutter is sneakily hiding in plain sight and making your home look disorganized!

Drawers that Won’t Close

Drawers in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom that are so stuffed that they won’t close are unsightly and symptomatic of your clutter problem.

Solution: Clear out the drawers and declutter them on the regular.

When a drawer starts to get difficult to close, that’s your cue to address it!

Stacks of paper

Those paper piles on your counter tops, on chairs, stuffed in cabinets and in stacked up in corners make your home look super cluttered.

Pare down the paper piles and get them into a filing system.

Solution: Methodically clear your home of paper clutter by taking action.

The truth is that if you hate filing, chances are you are actually doing it the wrong way.

Let me teach you the right way to Conquer Your Paper Clutter for Once and All!

Another common paper culprit in homes, especially those with school age kids, is kid paperwork.

And I have a great solution for that as well!

Check out this nifty system that helps you not only eliminate the kid paperwork and artwork strewn around you home, but also help you set limits.

Knowing what to keep and what to let go of is key.

The Kids School Paper and Memory Organizing system guides you through that process, painlessly!

Counters Used as Storage

Have stuff piled up on your counters in your kitchen or bathroom?

Counter space should be reserved for active working space.

Solution: Clear off your counters.

Invest in some gorgeous organizing solutions to keep your stuff in check.

Beautiful bathroom storage options are highlighted in this post.

Outgrown Kid Stuff

Have your kids outgrown baby toys and small clothes, but these items are still in your home, scattered about?

All the outgrown items are just cluttering up your home.

Solution: Get rid of the extra items by donating, selling or storing the hand-me-downs.

Want to sell your clutter faster and for more money?

Get this How to Sell your Clutter guide that helped one of my clients earn $3500 from used kid clothing in only a few months!

Need to keep the outgrown clothes for another kiddo?

Use this Hand Me Down Organizing kit to get everything in order quickly!

Overstuffed Coat Rack

A loaded coat rack that looks like it’s about to fall over is unsightly and unsafe.

Solution: Reduce the number of coats stored on the coat rack.

Keep out only what you’re wearing for the season and store items not being used in a closet.

Rotate with the change of seasons.

Floors used as storage

Are your floors home to more than just furniture?

Books piled in the corner? Paper stacked up under chairs?

This definitely makes your home look cluttered.

Solution: Piles are things to be dealt with, so get on it.

Stuff on top of fridge

All the stuff on top of your fridge makes your kitchen feel not only cluttered, but also cramped for space.

Solution: Clear it off!

Optimize your kitchen cabinets so you’re wisely using every inch of space.

Fridge Magnets

Your fridge that’s covered with a bunch of magnets might be a fun way to inject some personality into your space, but it’s also adding a lot of visual clutter.

Solution: Pare down your magnet collection just a bit and create a curated selection of your favorites.

Wall to Wall Furniture

Is there furniture along every wall in the room?

This spin art method of arranging furniture makes your space look smaller than it actually is and the space looks crowded.

Solution: Consider whether you really need the furniture and get rid of or move the furniture to a different room.

Is it in good condition?

Do you like it?

Does it serve a purpose?

Is it actually used?

Over to you!

How many of these clutter reasons do you relate to?

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