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How to Organize Video Game Clutter

I love my children!  

But their stuff – not so much.  

One area that has bothered me for quite some time is video game organization, or more correctly, the lack of video game organization!

If you are a gamer or your kids are, then you’re likely to have a lot of video game cases.

And this is a problem because video game cases can get messy if not contained!

This post will walk through the process of organizing video games with a variety of different options!


This organizing project starts off just like any other organizing project, with decluttering!

Before deciding on a storage solution, go through the games.

If they’re your kids’ games, go through them together.

Set any games they’re done with aside.

Also pull out any games for video game systems you no longer have.

Sell online or take to a game store and sell there.

Choose Your Storage System

Once you’ve whittled down the video game collection, the next step is to decide what type of storage solution you want: open or closed.

Open Storage Systems

Open storage systems are those where you’ll be able to see the video games.

Clear bins

If you don’t want to necessarily have everything out of sight and camouflaged, these clear bins are pretty perfect!  

And they stack too, so you could take full advantage of vertical space.  

These bins are especially great because they’re sized perfectly for video games.  

No guessing if they’ll fit!

Black Bins

These black bins, while open storage, do a great deal to hide a bit of the visual clutter.

Once you no longer have the game cases, the bins can be repurposed in other areas of your home.

Half open bin

Now this container is quite clever because it is super easy to see what is inside the bin without having to take anything out!  

I love that this bin gives you the option of having the game cases be readily seen, or hidden with a simple turn.  

Flexible options like are great to consider since kids can easily use it.

And there’s the option to hide the visual clutter in a second, so this is really a storage option that’s both open and closed.

Switch Swivel Storage

This is a great all in one storage system for not only the Nintendo Switch Game cases, but also some of the accessories.

Closed Storage Systems

A closed system means that you won’t be able to see the actual video game cases.

This is the option to choose if you want to reduce visual clutter and hide the video games.


DIY Video Game Storage System

Some years ago when I got tired of looking at all of the video games in my family room, I decided on a DIY storage container.

Instead of purchasing a container, I opted to create a custom video game organization solution out of a shoe box and I gotta tell you, I absolutely LOVE it!  

Here’s why:

  1. The games fit exactly in it!  The shoe box was just a little bit bigger than the game cases, so the cases can easily slide in and out.
  2. A ton of cases can fit into the box.
  3. I didn’t pay anything to make it!  True story, as I am a Martha Stewart wannabe, so Modge Podge is my middle name.  I’m never without a bottle of that stuff.  I love it so much.  Super useful product!
  4. The box matches my decor.  Perfectly.
  5. It fits on my tv stand perfectly.  I didn’t even measure.  That was sheer luck.
  6. The video game organizer has held up infinitely longer than I expected it to.  And it still looks like new. Ok, maybe the lid is a little dusty, but that’s due to my hatred of dusting.
  7. Anyone can replicate the steps to do exactly what I did.  Wanna see how?  

I show exactly how to make this custom video game organization and storage solution in a video.  

How to Organize Video Games with Decorative Storage

Storage Bench

I love this Poppin Bench for storage of all things related to video games.

 I actually love all things Poppin.  

All of their products are very well made and designed beautifully!  

This storage bench is perfect to tuck away games, controllers and other gaming accessories.

And it serves the additional purpose of being a flexible seating area if needed.

Video Game File Box

This file box is perfectly sized for DVD and most video game cases.

Up to 26 cases will fit, making it a great compact storage system.

CD Wallet

One final options to ditch the video game cases altogether and just keep the discs in a zip up wallet.

This is also a very portable option, making it a convenient option!


One final consideration to make before settling on a video game storage system is to measure!

Then get a system that’ll fit them all, with room left for growth.

Over to you!

Now you know not only the steps for video game organization, but you have some great options to choose from!

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