How to Organize Video Game Clutter

How to organize ugly video game clutter to seamless incorporate kid junk into your beautiful home decor!


I love my children!  But their stuff – not so much.  One area that has bothered me for quite some time is video game organization, or more correctly, the lack of video game organization!

One thing that we seem to have a lot of is video game cases.  But that’s because I’m a gamer nerd (I love me some Legend of Zelda and Boom Blox). We now have not one gaming system, but two!

And we have games.  What I consider to be lots of them.  And this is a problem because video game cases can get messy if not contained.  And you know that I’m not a fan of messiness.  I get pretty grumpy.  No joke.

Now containing the cases isn’t that hard, but I wanted a solution that would also hide and organize the cases.  Visual clutter drives me pretty batty, so I always aim to minimize it whenever possible.

I also dislike paying for storage containers for things like this because they’re usually plastic and not very attractive.  Plus my kids do stupid things with them – like stand on them. Then the boxes break and I get really, really grumpy.

Instead of purchasing a container, I opted to create a custom video game organization solution and I gotta tell you, I absolutely LOVE it!  I actually made this organizer a while ago, but it is simply too awesome to not share with you now.

Here’s why:

  1. The games fit exactly in it!  The shoe box was just a little bit bigger than the game cases, so the cases can easily slide in and out.
  2. A ton of cases can fit into the box.
  3. I didn’t pay anything to make it!  True story, as I am a Martha Stewart wannabe, so Modge Podge is my middle name.  I’m never without a bottle of that stuff.  I love it so much.  Super useful product!
  4. The box matches my decor.  Perfectly.
  5. It fits on my tv stand perfectly.  I didn’t even measure.  That was sheer luck.
  6. The video game organizer has held up infinitely longer than I expected it to.  And it still looks like new. Ok, maybe the lid is a little dusty, but that’s due to my hatred of dusting.
  7. Anyone can replicate the steps to do exactly what I did.  Wanna see how?  Click the link below!


I show exactly how to make this custom video game organization and storage solution in a video.  Check it out here!


Other ideas for video game organization and accessory storage

Storage Bench

I love this Poppin Bench.  I actually love all things Poppin.  All of their products are very well made and designed beautifully!  This storage bench is perfect to tuck away games, controllers and other gaming accessories.

Clear bins

If you don’t want to necessarily have everything out of sight and camouflaged, these clear bins are pretty perfect!  And they stack too, so you could take full advantage of vertical space.  These bins are especially great because they’re sized perfectly for video games.  No guessing if they’ll fit!

Half open bin

Now this container is quite clever because it is super easy to see what is inside the bin without having to take anything out!  I love that this bin gives you the option of having the game titles be readily seen, or hidden with a simple turn.  I really like having flexible options like this so that my kids can easily use it, but I there’s the option to hide the visual clutter in a second.


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