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The Magic Formula to Finally Get Organized

Looking for a simple way to get your home and life organized?

If only it was as easy as saying “Abracadabra” and waiving a wand, and Poof: our space was magically organized!  

Unfortunately it isn’t quite that easy… 

In this post, I will reveal the exact formula to use in order to get organized!

Getting your life organized doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience!  

Pick a Space

Many of my clients find that working with me helps because we collaborate to figure out where to get started.

So many people get stuck on this very simple decision because they’re overwhelmed at the very thought of even trying to get organized.

The question of where to start becomes a roadblock in and of itself!

Instead of being overwhelmed by the thought of getting organized, pivot your thinking about the process of starting, and then continue from there.

What room do you spend the most time in?  What room would have the biggest impact on your life?

I like to start in these types of rooms because once a space has been cleared and organized, attitudes and perspectives shift to a more positive place.  

It’s then easier to take on other spaces and get them organized.

Can’t decide?

How about starting with the very room you’re in now.

No excuses, if you can’t pick a room, I’ll do it for you.

Set Goals

Now that you have a room to get started in, now it’s time for the next step!

Write down specific goals.

What do you want from the room?  

How do you want it to function?  

Alternatively, if the room is a multi-purpose train wreck of a room, how do you not want the room to function?  

What can be moved to another room to have a more streamlined space?

When you are specific about your goals for the room, you can then make decisions about what stays in the room and what needs to leave in order to reach your goals.

Have an end date in mind.

Make the goal mean something by giving yourself a date to work towards.  

You can pace yourself and meet your goal!  

And you’ll love yourself for it!

Have realistic goals.

I’m all for lofty goals when the time is right, but if you have a lot of organizing to do, keep the goals based in reality!  

Your space didn’t become unorganized or cluttered up overnight.  

It’s going to take some time for the space to evolve into an organized room.

In fact, it’s likely that it’s going to get worse before it gets better!

Tell Your Friends and Family

Get some accountability by letting friends and family who’ll be supportive know about your goal! Ask especially supportive loved ones to help you stick to you goals by checking in with you every once in a while.

This will increase your follow through bunches!  

Their support and encouragement will help you greatly in the process.  

If you don’t have cheerleaders to boost your spirits during the process, consider getting new family & friends- just joking, but only a little!

All kidding aside, this is one reason why my clients are successful!

Before the end of every session, I set goals and a small to do list with my clients as homework.

They know I’ll be checking at the start of the next session to see how much they’ve accomplished.

Many of my clients share that they don’t especially love to work on their own, but the knowledge that I’ll be back soon helps keep them stick to those short term goals!

Be Patient

 Your space didn’t get cluttered in a day and you won’t wake up to find all the clutter gone either. 

Be patient and kind to yourself by pacing yourself.  

Don’t expect or wait for perfection!

For more on this last tip, watch this video:

Watch this before you resolve to get organized

Over to you!

And there you have it, finally, the magic formula to finally get organized!

Which step do you typically skip over?

I’d love to chat about it in the comments, so let me know!

Need More Help?

If you want a step by step plan to help you through the decluttering process, then look no further for the ultimate guide to getting your home in order!

The Organize and Declutter Your Life guide is your perfect companion for getting your home in a non-overwhelming way.

The resource is a step-by-step guide following the very same process I’ve used with clients to bring order and peace to their homes!

And if you’re looking for even more guidance, be sure to check out Organize Me Now, our premier program designed to help you go from disorganized and cluttered to streamlined and clear headed.

Over to you!

Hope this post has helped you realize that it’s time to come to terms with how much stuff you have and start to get larity on how to discern what you’re ready to part with to move into an organize life.

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