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Do you Have to Be Perfect to Be Organized?

Is there such a thing as organized perfection? I don’t think so!

Just because something looks perfect, it does not automatically follow that it’s organized as well.

And the flipside is also true: being organized doesn’t mean that things are perfect either.

You know those picture-perfect homes that are featured in magazines from “real readers”?

Where everything is in its place and it just looks absolutely beautiful?

Well, what if you opened the cabinets and the drawers and discovered that things are actually a hot mess?

Wouldn’t that make you feel much better?

No one is always completely organized

In a lot of cases probably, a hot mess is probably what you would find behind the closed cabinet doors and in the drawers of those picture-perfect rooms in magazines.

It may be the case for envy-worthy homes of acquaintances, friends and family too.

And that’s because in real life, most people have more stuff than they know what to deal with, and all of that stuff gets shoved into closets, corners, drawers and cabinets.

An organized home is not about everything being perfect.

It is not about having your space look like it could be featured in a magazine or on a tv show.

An organized home is actually about having a functioning space that works for you, where every item has a home.

Organized perfection can stop you in your tracks

The perceived goal of having a perfect space can hold you back from making changes in your room to get to a better functioning space.

It can keep you stuck or act as an excuse for why you can’t get organized.

Time to free yourself from that excuse!

Realign your expectations so that your new goal is to have a space that works for your life and have everything in your space also meet that goal.

So next time you think that you can’t have an organized home because it needs to be absolutely picture-perfect, remember what I’ve shared here today and take that into consideration to see if that changes your perspective.

It just might allow you to feel differently about the organizing process so that you can make some changes in your life!

Bottom line: cut yourself a whole lotta slack!

Do what you can in your space to make it work better for you.   But don’t worry about trying to make everything be perfect.

Just make sure it’s functional.

So now the next time you let the mindset of striving for organized perfection, keep all of this in mind!

Need some help getting your home organized and pulled together?

An easy solution for putting organizing systems into place for your home is the Organized Life Binder.

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