How to Organize your Fridge Like a Pro

My kitchen is in a state of near constant re-organization, and it’s frustrating for sure!  It’s probably one of the most used rooms in my home, especially because we don’t eat out a lot, and I make most of my family’s meals.  This means that there’s almost a constant flow of new items coming into the kitchen on a weekly basis.  I like to try new recipes, so I’m also buying new ingredients frequently and trying to find a space for these new things in my pantry or fridge.

And the other big factor is that I am the only woman in the household and the three guys of the house eat a lot.  And my youngest is only 7, but when he eats, watch out!  There’s a lot of volume coming into the kitchen as far as food is concerned, and that’s a lot to deal with sometimes.

Because I struggle to keep my kitchen, specifically my kitchen pantry and refrigerator organized, I know I can’t be alone and others are trying to sort out this issue as well.  To that end, I have a few quick tips to share about how to clean out / organize your fridge like a pro (that’s me!) and keep things in good order.


Tip # 1

Don’t ever try to organize your fridge when it’s full – unless you secretly hate yourself!  Seriously, it’s a huge headache to try to get a refrigerator ship shape when it is full.  It takes longer and it’s just harder to do quickly.  Especially if you’re attempting a re-organization or even a clean out during the hot Summer months.

The best time to organize your fridge is before you go to the grocery store because it presumably is the most empty at that time.

Bonus for this strategy: You’ll see what you need, and what you don’t need.  It’ll also be really easy to give the shelves and drawers a quick wipe down, setting the stage nicely for all of the delicious food you’re buying soon.


Tip #2

Another thing I do that helps to keep spills and the need for deep cleaning at bay is to clean out unused leftovers and spoiled food from my fridge at least once a week.  I usually do this the night before our street’s garbage collection day, especially in the Summer.

The heat of the season makes the unrefrigerated food smell really terrible, so going through the fridge the night before trash is to be set out the next morning minimizes those odors in the garage!  When my fridge is organized, I find that things spill less often and leaks are detected sooner, both of which speeds up the cleaning process.

Once the fridge has been de-cluttered, I make sure to put like with like (fruit with other fruit, for example) and I have designated zones for most everything I purchase on a regular basis.  I move things back to where they go – yes, even the butter has a specific zone in my fridge.  But that’s a story for another day!

And now, over to you!

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