5 Fantastic Apps to Get You Organized

No matter what you are interested in or what you might need, some clever developer has created an App for that.  Right now, there are millions of apps available in the iTunes and Google Play Stores.  Search for organizing on the iTunes store and you’ll get over 100 results.  But who has time to sift through all of those results to find the apps that are really worth the download?  Lucky for you, I’m just the professional organizer / tech geek you’ve been looking for!  Here are my picks for the top five organizing apps that you should download today!

I love to stay up on all things Apple, and I’m always on the lookout for apps that could help me streamline my life as well as my clients’ lives.  Here are a few of my tried and true favorite apps to get or stay organized:


One of my favorite multi-tasking apps.  Use it to scan in receipts, recipes or magazine articles, carry to do lists with you and create notes on the go.  I especially like it because I can easily switch between working with the app on my iPhone and then switch to the desktop version instantly.  It is seamless, and very user friendly.



This app is like a portable filing cabinet.  Store your stuff in the cloud to access it anywhere and also share documents, files and pictures with ease.  There are a ton of other cloud based storage systems.  If you’re not using one, nows the time to look into using one further!

I know some people have security issues with putting all of the info online, but I don’t think I’m important enough for anyone to want to steal my business info.  It’s a fair trade off for not losing everything in case of a house fire, god forbid, or something else happening to my computer where I would lose everything.

Key Ring

Streamline your wallet with this handy little app where you can import all of your shopping loyalty cards.  Never miss out on that discount or perk again!  I feature a low tech alternative to this app in this video.  

I actually do both Key Ring as well as the analog organization method as well.  I like having both options available to me.

This one is consistently a client favorite because it’s the one most new to them and the one that instantly cuts down on the amount of stuff in their wallet or key chain.  And a lightened load to carry around is awesome!



Traveling soon? Make sure to download this app to help you pack with ease!  What’s really great about it is that you can create multiple packing lists for any occasion.

What I like best about this app is the ability to fully customize your list and reset the list for future trips. Awesome time saver, especially if you travel a lot.  Never be afraid that you’ve forgotten something- put it in the app and check things off as you go!


Home Routines 

I can’t be the only one who forgets to water plants on a regular basis.  I usually figure out that I’m overdue to water when the plants get dramatically all flopped over.  Maybe it’s time to go back to this old favorite of mine!  

What is this app?  As the creator likes to say, this is an app for all of the “repeaty” stuff in your life.  Set up a custom cleaning schedule or become a domestic goddess by following the built-in zone system.  Create To Do Lists and more!

*Note many of these apps are also available for Android systems.  No platform discrimination here 🙂

Over to you!

Those are my favorite non-gaming apps.  What are yours?  Comment below and let me know!

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