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Summer Organizing Tips that are Really Quick and Easy

I’ve heard from a bunch of people still feeling all out of sorts lately.  Summer is a time when some things slow down, but not everything takes a break.  Schedules are disrupted big time, so I thought some gentle (and quick!)  reminders on how to stay organized during this time were in order.  But truth is, these summer organizing tips totally work for anytime of the year.  I’m sneaky like that- making you think this is Summer fun info!

Make a List

It’s hard, if not impossible to do what you don’t remember to do, so make a list and write down what you need to be doing.  But this “make a list” advice comes with a caveat!  Don’t make a mile long list that’s everything you could or should be doing.  Keep the list to no more than 5-10 things, tops.  Want a pretty to do list?  I love this one.  It has a great motivational saying on it and the color palette is especially Summery!

Make your day more beautifully productive with this gorgeous printable to do list!




I know you’re a Wonder Woman, just like me, but honestly, every woman gets some of her wonderfulness with help and support of others.  Don’t try to go it alone with your To-Do list or any organizing project.

You’ll find that you get longer term commitments from family members when they are involved in the process.  You can involve them by asking what they’re ready to let go of in a cluttered common area, or to put things away.

Remember my Timer Game?  Now’s the time to play it.  Set a timer for 15 minutes and do nothing but things away.


Give it a Home

This is one of the cardinal rules of organizing, but I think it’s often taken for granted.  Every item should have its own place in your home.  See the pile of clutter on your kitchen counter?  It’s there for two reasons- it has no home or someone failed to put it in its place.  Either way, I’d argue that the home for the counter clutter isn’t working.  Aim to find a new home for it.


Get it Out

Once you’ve decided you no longer want, need or like an item, take the next step.

What’s that you ask?  It’s to actually get the said unwanted, unneeded, or no longer loved item out of your home.  Don’t just leave it in your home.  If you do, you’ve just created more clutter to deal with later.

If it’s trash, you know what to do, so pitch it already.  If it’s donate-able, call up your favorite charity or pull up on your phone and schedule a pickup.  Want to sell it?  post it for sale on Facebook or Craigslist and get it out of your home already!


And that’s it- a few quick and gentle organizing reminders for Summer.  I made an infographic for you and everything to summarize.  Lookie:


Click image to make it bigger!

Now that’s one fabulous infographic about staying organized in the Summer, don’tcha think?  Hope you’ve enjoyed these Summer organizing tips!


My favorite daily organizing resource!

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