How to Assemble the Best Cleaning Kit

 How to assemble the best cleaning kit so you'll have everything on hand and can drastically cut cleaning time! Because no one likes to clean more than necessary!
Even though cleaning is not all that fun, I do like to do it – some of the time!  I prefer cleaned off counters and surfaces with no clutter or dust.  It’s a good thing, as Martha would say!  But I know I’m in the minority.  Most peeps do not like to clean for a myriad of reasons.  I think of one those reasons is because they don’t have the right tools.  It’s kinda like getting organized – people often have the wrong tools (too many storage container options) and not enough of the basics, like twist ties (no, really!) and labels.  Well, if you fall into the latter Cleaning Haters Club, then this post is for you!  I’m going to tell you exactly how to assemble the most rocking cleaning kit so you’ll be a cleaning convert!

Cleaning cloths

If I was fancier, I’d probably have a nice set of cleaning cloths, but that totally isn’t necessary.  They’re going to be wiping up dirt, grime and messes, so being pretty or even having finished edges isn’t required.  My cleaning cloth arsenal is filled with old kitchen dish towels and t-shirts I’ve cut up into manageable sizes.  I store them under every bathroom sink to make it that much easier to wipe down the counter, sink and toilet frequently.  If I had to track down a cloth in order to clean, I’d be making it hard on myself for not a very good reason!

Microfiber dusting cloths

I first got my hands on a set of these (from Target) probably about a decade ago.  I have never regretted buying them and they are fantastic for swiping up dust without the dust going everywhere.  I use my cloths both dry and wet – first, dry until the cloth is covered with dust, and then I rinse it out and continue dusting with the cloth dampened.

Gentle abrasive cleaning scrubby

The key to just about everything is to not make something worse when you’re trying to make it better.  Like don’t leave tool marks in the bent screen you’re trying to straighten.  Likewise, don’t scratch up the surface of the fridge you’re trying to clean with a harsh scrubber.  It’ll just ruin the surface and make it easier for first and stains to penetrate the surface.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

It really is magic!  I love how I can make Sharpie pen marks disappear with one!  SO fantastic!  I’ve also found the Target store brand version to be effective.  I use the magic eraser to clean up grubby walls and woodwork.  A quick and light swipe and the fingerprints or dog nose marks are gone!

Old toothbrush

Make use of what is lying around!  I like the longer, skinnier handle of toothbrushes that makes reaching into nooks and crannies pretty easy.

OXO detail brushes

I think I’m a little bit OCD – undiagnosed by a dr, but diagnosed my friends and family! 😉  These are my hands down favorite cleaning tool.  I love them more than I should and received them as a gift.  I almost sealed when I opened the package.  Sick, I know.  But here’s the thing – When cleaning, a really deep clean followed by regular maintenance can prevent the need for another deep clean almost indefinitely.  So I do it right once and I’m set!  These tools allow small areas that would otherwise be unreachable to not escape from getting de-grimed or de-junked.

Basic G

Nasty germ and virus killer and deodorizer that won’t kill the Earth like other products?  Sign me up!  This wonderful Shaklee product is highly concentrated, so you’ll need to get a spray bottle (Shaklee offers those too).  I typically order one bottle of Basic G a year and do a lot of germ killing in that time.  If you ‘re interested in ordering this fantastic product, please consider ordering from my friend Diane Turner.  Diane introduced me to this product and I love supporting her in any way I can.


Basic H

This is also a magic product!  You use it in different concentrations depending on what you’re cleaning – a two drops to a water-filled spray bottle for glass, mirrors and windows; a 1/2 teaspoon for general purpose and a teaspoon for a degreaser.  What convinced me to order this dream cleaning product was this demo: Diane put a dab of Crisco shortening in my palm, then 2 drops of Basic H and a few drops of water.  When I mixed it all together, I could feel the grease go away completely.  It was amazing and exactly what I was looking for – an effective cleaner that won’t harm me or the planet.  Perfect for my tree hugging self!

Pampered Chef Pan Scrapers

Um, another one of my favorites.  What to say about this little wonder that is super effective at getting build up gunk off of just about anything?  I use I on pans of course, but also in other rooms when I’m concerned about not running the finish of whatever I’m trying to clean. If  you’re moved to order a set of the scrapers, do me a favor and order from my friend, Sarah Parks, will ya?  Thanks!  I get super excited about cleaning tools.  Sad, I know.  But funny, you’re reading this to see what’s next on my list!

“Kitchen” gloves from Williams Sonoma

I use quotes because these fabulous gloves can be used anywhere you’d like a barrier between your hands and yucky dirt – hello, bathrooms!  I love them because they are cotton-lined, easy to wash and really comfortable to wear.  Another bonus of the lining and the glove construction is that the gloves insulate your hands from really hot water, which is awesome!  I especially like to wear them to keep my nail polish from chipping or during the winter months when my hands get dried out.
So there you have it!  If you trick out your cleaning kit with these 10 items, you’ll be loving life and be ready to clean just about anything!

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