4 Ways to Deal With Gift Clutter

When you look around your home, is part of the clutter you see gifts from other people?

Stuff you haven’t yet done anything with?

You’re not alone!  

Many folks find that their clutter comes to them in beautifully wrapped, bow adorned presents.  

Despite your best intentions, everyone gets busy and if you aren’t super excited about the gifts, they may be languishing in a corner or closet.

Friends and family show their love with presents and gifts, but what if it really is the thought that counts and the gift is unwanted?  

Then what?

Clutter is clutter, no matter how it gets to you.  

If it’s still in it’s original packaging and its been more than a month since you got your little hands on it, well, then, my dear – that’s gift clutter.  

So what to do?  

Read on for four proven, yet painless, strategies to deal with gift clutter!

How to Decide Whether to Keep Gifts

Here are some easy ways to spot gift clutter (because it might be hard to see past the shiny newness of the gift you just received!):

Is it something you like?

Might the new present be a sure-fire winner in next year’s ugly Christmas sweater contest?  

Um, unless you actually go to a party with that contest, don’t even let the sweater grace the inside if your closet!

If you don’t love it, the gift is a candidate to go.

Do you already have something similar?

Sometimes you may get a gift that’s lovely and you like it so much that you have something almost identical.

Choose your favorite one and get rid of the other.

Will you use it?

Is the gift something you think was a nice thought, but you’re not sure you’ll actually use it?

If it doesn’t make much sense to keep it right now, then it’s best to let it go.

Does it fit?

Sometimes well-intentioned presents can be so offbase size wise.  

Don’t let a gift that you can’t wear hang around to become clutter.  

Get rid of it now!

But it was a gift! I have to keep it!

Think you have to hang on to something, even if you don’t like, need or have room for it just because of the mere fact that it was a gift?

You actually don’t.

The person who gave you the gift gave it to you to make you happy.

Not to make you feel overwhelmed.

Or guilty.

And just giving it to you, they likely achieved that.

Their happiness doesn’t come to an end if you don’t decide to keep it.

And if they happen to notice you no longer have the item they gave you, it’s time to have a conversation with them about it.

Relay that you appreciated their thoughtfulness and that you’re trying to get your home more organized.

Solutions to Deal With Unwanted Gifts

You’re on board for getting rid of the unwanted gifts, but not so sure what to do with them?

Here are four solid solutions!

Use It

Many times when we get gifts, them come in all at once.

And sometimes we don’t even have time to start using the gifts.

But now’s the time, my friend!

Sell It

Does the gift have a good resale value?

Do some research on the value, and then look to sell it.

Need help with figuring out how to best sell your items?

I have a guide for that!

Donate It

Don’t want to bother with selling it?

Give it away.

Schedule a pickup at Donate Stuff.

Gift it

If you truly won’t use the item, then pass it along to someone who will!

I really don’t think there’s anything to be ashamed about re-gifting items people have given to you.

If you feel a little weird about it, then just give the item to a friend or family member not for any particular reason, but just because.

Watch this!

I get into this issue even more in this video. Give it a watch!

Dealing with gift clutter

Over to You!

Do you struggle with figuring out what to do with items people have given to you?

Let’s chat more about it in the comments!

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