4 Proven Ways to Deal With Gift Clutter

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It’s May and we’re five months into the new year and about four months past the holiday gift giving season.  Think this post is out of left field and totally unrelated to what’s going on now in your life?  Think again!  Take a look around your space.


What do you see?  Do you by chance see some gifts from this past Christmas, Hanukkah or a recent birthday of you or another family members that is collecting dust in a corner?

You’re not alone!  Many folks find that their clutter comes to them in beautifully wrapped, bow adorned presents.  Friends and family show their love with presents and gifts, but what if it really is the thought that counts and the gift is unwanted?  Then what?

Clutter is clutter, no matter how it gets to you.  So what to do?  Read on for four proven, yet painless, strategies to deal with gift clutter!

Here are some easy ways to spot gift clutter (because it might be hard to see past the shiny newness of the gift you just received!):

Is it something you like?

Might the new present be a sure-fire winner in next year’s ugly Christmas sweater contest?  Um, unless you actually go to a party with that contest, don’t even let the sweater grace the inside if your closet!


Do you already have something similar?

I recently worked with new clients (hey O & K!) who were so overwhelmed by the amount of toys in their basement.  I know that’s not really unique, but what set this family apart from other clients I’ve worked with is that many of the toys were still in their original packaging.  Relatives had given the gifts to their kids.  But the toys weren’t age appropriate when given, and by the time the children were old enough to use the present, they weren’t interested.  My solution to this particular stash of gift clutter?  Sell it!  We spent a few hours taking pictures of the items and establishing a value so they could be sold in a local Facebook Buy/Sell group.

Will you use it?

If it’s still in it’s original packaging and its been more than a month since you got your little hands on it, well, then, my dear – its clutter.  If you truly won’t use the item, then pass it along to someone who will!

Does it fit?

Sometimes well-intentioned presents can be so off base size wise.  Don’t let a mis-sized gift hang around to become clutter.  Get rid of it now!


Answer these four questions and you’ll be able to decide what to do with the unwanted gift in no time!

Wait, there’s more: Bonus!  Check out my video on this subject for even more clutter busting goodness!

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