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What woman doesn’t love a cute tote?  Even better than a cute tote is one that is functional and works for you, am I right?  Here are some considerations to take into account when you’re buying your next tote in order to find the perfect tote to keep you organized!

Be a material girl!

‘Cause we are living in a material world. And I am a material girl.  You know that we are living in a material world. And I am a material girl…

Ok, now that I have that little ear worm planted (don’t hate me!), you really do need to be a picky material girl when it comes to pickin’ a tote.

Do you have pets?  Then perhaps you don’t want to choose a tote with a fabric that will attract and hold animal fur.

I have a thing for Fossil bags.  Especially the non-leather ones because they wear so well and seem to hold up really well!

Do you have younger children than tween age?  Then you’ll probably want to steer clear of light colored fabrics that will get stained from sticky fingers of kids.  If their grubby little hands won’t mar up your bag, the snack crumbs or juice box spills certainly will!

If you’re not a mini Martha Stewart like me (may she live forever!), then check the tag to find the fabric type and simply Google the care instructions.  (What in the world did we do before Google!?!?)

And remember this gem of wisdom: Patterns hide stains and marks, so if you have kiddos, opt for non-plain bags!  

I love this tote intros bloom pattern in particular.

I love that the pattern on this tote will completely hide most stains!
LeSportsac Classic Everygirl Tote

It also comes in a bunch of fun patterns, including Disney, Peanuts and more!

Similarly, the tote pictured below is made from a nylon material and is likely completely wipe-able.  You could just make the dirt and grime disappear!  Not possible with a fancy schmancy fabric or material…

This wipeable tote is great and has pockets to hold all of your stuff!
N Gil All Purpose Organizer Medium Utility Tote Bag 2

This tote also comes in a ton of different patterns!

What’cha got in that bag?

The next factor to consider is what you need to be toting around in your fabulously perfect tote.  Gotta consider the function of the tote primarily.  For me, the function is never to make me look cuter.  I’m waaaaaaay too practical for that, my friend.  But you knew that already…

I’m often doing more than I should be doing- PTA, sorority, business and Mom stuff all at once, so I like to have a tote with not too much structure inside.


Pockets are a girl’s best friend!

I like a few pockets, but not too many.

I don’t need a cargo-pant style bag with loads of pockets on the inside and out.

I need my totes to have flexibility when it comes to what’s going inside.

But with that said, some pockets are a must.

Gotta corral smaller items that might otherwise get lost in the bottom of the tote.

So look for a tote with some built-in organization or structure.

Or have a plan to stay organized with smaller pouches.

How I Organize My Purse

What’s the purpose of the tote?

What you’ll be carrying in the tote will also dictate the size of the tote you’ll need.

My swim team mom friends are like sherpas, so they need giant bags with minimal structure inside.

They need wide open spaces for the towels, extra clothes, food and drinks to make it through meets and practices.

Do you have similar needs?

Think about this before you buy a new tote.

Comfort is chic

Next, try on the tote to make sure it is comfortable to carry.

Again, I’m stressing function over form right now.

It is definitely more important to be more comfortable than chic when it comes to totes.

Unless you just carry around the tote with nothing in it.

What others have to say

If you’re buying online, check the reviews to see what others have said.

If there are no reviews, send the Google elves on a search for the info for you to make sure the tote will actually hold up to being toted around.


Also think about if the straps are a good length.

Or are they for a cute, but good for toting nothin’ kind of length?

I hate bags with short straps because it makes it impossible to sling over my shoulder and get on with what I need to be doing.

I’m a lady on a mission.

So my tote needs to support that mission and me!

You need the same kind of support, so don’t overlook this small, but vital detail when shopping for the perfect tote!

So there you have it!  A few considerations to take into account when you’re trying to find the perfect tote!

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